One Piece Chapter 396


Miss Goldenweek’s Operation: Back to the Baroque, Part 28: To the Naval Prison
The navy ship including Miss Goldenweek, Miss Valentine and Mr. 5 sets course for a naval prison.


Flashback 20 years ago, Ohara: In the name of justice, all the explorers of Ohara are to be killed so they cannot share their knowledge. The Buster Call continues unabated and the bombardment covers all parts of the island. When Spandine realizes that he is not safe on the island, he immediately gives the order to escape. Robin’s face is to be remembered and they are not to be allowed off the island. They also leave Olvia behind because they don’t have time to take her away. The explorers continue to try and extinguish the Tree of Omniscience, despite the bombardment. Between the explosions and smoke, Nico Robin and Nico Olvia, her mother, sit across from each other hand in hand. Olvia hugs Robin to her. Professor Shamrock sits nearby, apologizing for not taking better care of Robin. But Olvia is proud of her daughter and that she can decipher the Poneglyphs. Suddenly Saul appears and is happy to have found Robin.

Olvia is surprised to see Saul on Ohara, who considers himself fated to be shipwrecked right here. Olvia confides in Robin Saul because she has unfinished business. To the reluctant Robin, she explains the story is humanity’s treasure, but it must be passed on in return. Ohara’s researchers especially wanted to capture the voices of the past, in addition to the lost history, and preserve them for the future. Even if Ohara perishes, they can’t just give up on the world Robin will live in. Eventually, she will understanD. Saul takes Robin in his hand and starts running. Olvia is happy to be called Mama and shouts after her daughter that she needs to live. On a naval battleship, a sailor sees Saul and tells Vice Admiral Kuzan that the escaped Vice Admiral Saul is on Ohara.

Review: Saul is on a naval combat ship in a naval uniform. He is yelling at his men to stop firing on a ship, as they are not supposed to kill the enemy and they are not pirates gone wild. They have already captured several research ships of archaeologists, but on this one they killed all but one person, Nico Olvia. Saul asks if they plan to build the Ancient Weapon, but Olvia taunts him not knowing anything instead of questioning the law. At the naval base, Saul is ordered by Admiral Sengoku to participate in a Buster Call as one of five Vice Admirals. Saul wants to see proof before he is ordered to kill innocent archaeologists for him. Sengoku angrily asks if he is questioning the World Government’s orders. Saul is later at Olvia’s prison cell and decides to free her. They set off with two ships and are immediately pursueD. Saul no longer wants to work for an organization he can’t trust. He can only follow orders that suit his sense of justice.

Ohara, Buster Call: Saul has Robin locked in his hands and is trying to escape the fire that is now aimed at him. Robin is afraid, but Saul encourages her to be proud of her mother and Ohara. Eventually she will pass on Ohara’s story and fight back through it. He misses a bullet and it hits him in the face. He sets Robin down and apologizes. He walks up to the naval fighter and lifts it completely out of the water.

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