One Piece Chapter 395


Miss Goldenweek’s Operation: Back to the Baroque, Part 27: The Black Traitor Ship Has Been Boarded
Miss Goldenweek, Miss Valentine, and Mr. 5 have stolen a Navy ship, complete with crew. Miss Goldenweek probably used color trap to get them to do what they wanted.


Flashback 20 years ago, Westblue, Ohara: The battleships stand ready off the island, awaiting further orders. In the city, the remaining residents flee to the rescue ship after it is announced that evidence of crime has now been found. In the underground room in the Tree of Omniscience, the officials stand in amazement before the Poneglyph, which has taken no damage from the bomb. Saul runs through the forest looking for Robin.

Square in front of the Tree of Omniscience: Using a Den-den Mushi, Spandine has made a connection with the Five Elders, who are saddened to have to destroy Ohara, but they have violated Universal Law. Professor Kleeblatt interrupts them and they recognize him, he is known to them as a highly honored scientist. That now just such an authority is breaking the law is tragic. Cloverleaf thinks the past belongs to all people and no one should stop them from learning about it. The Five Elders fear the activation of the Ancient Weapon, which is explained in the Poneglyphs. The researchers on Ohara currently want to know the most about why the Poneglyphs exist, why someone carved texts on indestructible stones and spread them all over the world.

Cloverleaf believes this happened because the creators of the Poneglyphs had an enemy who would have otherwise destroyed the evidence. 800 years ago, when the 100 years of lost history ended, the world government came into being. Now if this was the enemy of the creators of the Poneglyphs, the lost history should represent an unpleasant chapter of their own past. Researchers have been able to discern from ancient writings and some poneglyphs the existence of a great kingdom that no longer exists. All evidence of its existence has been destroyed, but the kingdom created the Poneglyphs to share their view with future generations. The Ancient Weapon may be a threat to the World Government, but the Kingdom is a much greater one that can come back to life through history. Let the name be the key and just as Shamrock is about to utter it, the Five Elders, alarmed, order him to be shot. The order is immediately carried out. Robin has overheard everything from a safe distance and runs back to the Professor.

The Five Elders also give the order for the complete destruction of Ohara and his scientists because they know too much. Spandine pulls out the golden Den-den Mushi he received from Admiral Sengoku, presses it, and gives the order for a Buster Call. The receiving snail, a silver Den-den Mushi, sounds on a battleship and immediately all ships move into position. A fire has been set in the Tree of Knowledge, the researchers are beside themselves as priceless books are now burning. The officials leave and the explorers run to the tree to save as much as they can. Spandine lets Olvia go with him as she has valuable information for him. Robin sees her and tearfully asks if she is her mother. Olvia continues to try to protect Robin by lying as she remembers her deprived childhood. She repeatedly calls out to Olvia if she is her mother, desperate to believe it, but Olvia moves on and tells Spandine the girl must have confused her. Robin reveals that she became an archaeologist to be with her mother, but Spandine hears it too. The Buster Call begins and the island is extensively bombed.

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