One Piece Chapter 393


Miss Goldenweek’s “Back to the Baroque,” Part 26: The Chance to Escape
Mr. 5, Miss Valentine, and Miss Goldenweek use Mr. 2’s attack on the Navy to escape.


Saul has finally finished his raft, which saddens Robin, however, as she is happy that she has finally not been excluded for once. When the giant sees her dejected face, however, he says that he still has to attach a flag, whereupon the girl’s mood immediately improves.

Robin and Saul sit on the shore and talk. She tells him that she would also like to go to sea one day, which astonishes the giant. Robin says that this is her dream, as her mother also went to sea to do archaeological research and that she wants to come along next time. While she’s at it, she also tells Saul that she studied hard herself and is now an archaeologist herself. Saul is surprised about this, thinking that Robin doesn’t even remember her mother’s appearance, to which she clarifies that she is still her mother and tells the giant about the forgotten time span of 100 years. The giant then says that it would be interesting to find out about it, but that it is forbidden, to which the girl adds that her mother is traveling around the world precisely because she wants to decipher the secret of the Poneglyph. This triggers shock in Saul and he asks Robin for her mother’s name. She tells her mother’s name and the giant’s eyes widen: Olvia.

Saul, shocked, thinks that at that very moment a navy ship is heading for Ohara to destroy the island’s archaeologists, which Robin refuses to believe. But the giant eventually convinces her otherwise, saying that it may be that her mother has returned, whereupon the girl immediately runs towards the city.

At the same time, archaeologist Nico Olvia arrives at the Tree of Knowledge and immediately announces that the crew of the ship they set sail on was completely destroyed. Only she had survived. Immediately after, she appeals to the scientists to leave the island immediately, as the government wants to eliminate the island along with its population. But the archaeologists do not listen to her and think that they cannot simply leave this “unique treasure of mankind” behind and that therefore they will not flee. Professor Kleeblatt also says that she certainly did not come just to announce that, to which Olvia says she mustn’t see her.

You see some images of the departure of Nico Olvia and Robin’s past, when her mother left and when she first enters the library and meets Professor Shamrock.

Cloverleaf says Robin now looks just like Olvia did as a child and she has the same gift, to which Robin’s mother reacts with great relief, as her daughter seems to be doing well. However, she feels that she must cut off contact with her. Suddenly, a man appears in the doorway and announces that a ship from the world government has docked at the island, whereupon Olvia takes a rifle and disappears out the door.

At the same time on the coast of Ohara: The government ship has docked and immediately the soldiers spread out on the island. The commander-in-chief of the CP9, Spandine, also leaves the ship along with two members of the Cipher Pol, saying that every scientist on the island should be arrested.

Robin runs through the village towards the Tree of Knowledge. As she does so, a white-haired woman runs past her – Olvia – though Robin does not know that this is her mother.

Somewhere in the Westblue: A marine announces to Vice Admiral Kuzan that Commander-in-Chief Spandine of the CP9 has apparently landed on Ohara. The latter, however, reacts irritably and grumbles at the soldier that it’s not so important that he woke him up for it.

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