One Piece Chapter 388


Miss Goldenweek’s Operation: Back to the Baroque, Part 22: “Mr. 3 Turns Himself In.”
Mister 3 lies tied up as a package on a small cart. Attached to it is a note that reads, “I turn myself in!”. Jango adjusts his glasses, Fullbody points at Mr. 3, Hina Blackcage looks it over calmly, and Miss Valentine is still hanging on those poles, looking down in shock from up there.


Roof of the Court: Luffy has switched to Gear 2 mode and is standing in front of Blueno. Blueno isn’t too worried though. Luffy aims at Blueno, who is very sure he can dodge Luffy’s attack from this distance with ease. Luffy executes the gum-gum jet pistol and Blueno uses shave in response. The attack still hits Blueno with full force, as Luffy is a lot faster in Gear 2.

Suddenly, Luffy disappears in a flash before Blueno’s eyes. When he reappears, Luffy gives him another punch and a gum-gum jet-stomp, which hits Blueno hard. Blueno is amazed at how strong Luffy has suddenly become and is quite exhausted. He realizes and is also very surprised that Luffy has picked up Shave. He creates a door and rests in the parallel world and just doesn’t understand why Luffy has become so strong. He definitely doesn’t want to lose and wants to give it his all. He wants to squeeze Luffy into a door so he can’t move. Meanwhile, Luffy wonders where Blueno is. The latter appears behind Luffy, but he dodges and explains how he did it. He was watching Blueno closely, and since Luffy’s brain works better in Gear 2, he was able to follow everything closely. Now Luffy goes for the final blow. He uses Gomu Gomu no Jet Bazooka, which Blueno thinks he can deflect with his strongest iron armor. Blueno now just stands in front of him smiling. Luffy is about to go for another interesting technique, but then Blueno falls over from exhaustion. Luffy is a little worried, as his body has taken damage from Gear 2.

The Galley-La, Sogeking, the Franky Family, and the giants Kashii and Oimo continue to advance toward the court. Paulie can’t believe that the gatekeepers, who were their enemies a moment ago, have suddenly allied themselves with them. At the courthouse, the soldiers want to enter the building, but one of the soldiers reports that a frog is blocking the way. This frog is Yokuzuna, who is supposed to be holding the fort. In the right tower of the courthouse, Kiwi enters with other members of the Franky Family to find the lever of the drawbridge. In the left tower is Mozz, who is looking for the other lever. Meanwhile, Zambai is fighting with Baskerville, who of course is trying to stop the Franky Family. The Straw Hat Pirates is also fighting all sorts of soldiers who want to kill them.

In the tower of justice: Spandam is upset about the pirates and wants to get to the gate of justice as fast as possible, because then the pirates can’t do anything anymore. He asks Robin and Franky to come with him. Robin makes a worried face. In town, Chimney is happy that the giants have joined them and sings for joy. Granny Kokoro mentions that the world is going to be surprised because the Straw Hat Pirates is doing something no one has dared to do in hundreds of years, by which she of course means attacking Enie’s lobby. On the roof of the courthouse, Luffy yells to Robin that he’s going to free her. Spandam is shocked that Luffy is here.

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