One Piece Chapter 385


Miss Goldenweek’s Operation: Back to the Baroque, Part 20 – You must not stray from the right path!
Mister 3 is in the grip of Mister 2, who has changed his outfit and you can see his ship in the background.


In Spandam’s office: Just before the CP9 agents leave the room, Spandam orders them to wait, as he still has two gifts. These are one devil fruit each for Kaku and Kalifa. Surprised, Jabra asks where Spandam got these fruits. But he only replies that he has his contacts there.

In Rob Lucci’s room, the two want to ingest the fruit. Lucci warns them that you don’t know exactly what power you’ll get and you’ll lose the ability to swim for it. He tells them to eat it and then see what happens. In his opinion, it always depends on how the particular person uses the powers he has received. However, it doesn’t really matter what kind of powers he gets. Jabra tells them not to eat the devil fruit, but he doesn’t want Kaku to become stronger than him. After that, they eat the devil fruits. According to their facial expressions, they probably taste horrible. Lucci tells them that they won’t notice the changes for some time. Further, he instructs everyone to get ready to fight.

Meanwhile, on the roof of the courthouse, the fight continues. Blueno admits that he probably underestimated Luffy a bit. At the same time he can’t believe that his opponent could keep up with the speed of his Soru. However, Luffy is also able to dodge Blueno’s further attacks. But in the middle of one of the CP9 agent’s attacks, he suddenly disappears into the ground, leaving a visibly stunned Luffy behind. Blueno has used his devil powers to create a door in the ground and disappeared through it. However, only to pull Luffy’s feet through two small doors into the ground shortly after. He then reappears in front of Luffy and suddenly causes a revolving door to appear in his face right by his eyes, rotating incessantly. Since Luffy is defenseless Blueno can attack him at his leisure. In the process, he also destroys part of the courthouse roof, which the Straw Hats on Gomorrah also notice.

But they can’t get to him at the moment because Gomorrah is still down due to the attacks of the 11 jurors, and because they are surrounded by numerous agents and marines. As they were about to jump off to fight their way through on foot, Chopper suddenly yells for no one to move, as the badly injured King Bull rises to do his bidding after all. However, his eyes were injured in the attack, so now he can’t see anything and is ramming into all the walls. But he does not give up, as he had promised Sodom.

Therefore, they take the direct way to the courthouse, when suddenly a wall appears in front of them. The Franky Family already wants to stop the King Bull, when Zoro and Sanji, who just before had asked each other if one of them would see a wall, suddenly run along Gomorrha’s neck towards the wall and simply destroy it. Thus, the two Straw Hats, along with the King Bull and the Franky Family, break through the wall behind them and are right at the courthouse, where Gomorrha collapses with the last of his strength.

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