One Piece Chapter 382


Miss Goldenweek’s Operation: Back to the Baroque, Part 18 – A figure escapes from the holiday island
Mister 3 has arrived at his ship and looks exhausted.


Along with the Franky Family, the Straw Hats slowly fight their way towards Luffy on the two King Bulls.

In Spandam’s office, the latter stands next to Franky, who is lying on the floor, and kicks him on the head in revenge for the suffering he endured eight years ago when his face was disfigured by Franky. He then tells of Iceburg, who after Tom’s death united the largest shipyards under one name and turned them into one big company. He also allied himself with the World Government and became an important supplier to them. He became the president of the Galley-La and also the head of Water 7. Being surrounded by so many people, he became an indispensable person for the World Government and therefore the CP9 could not take him out. Spandam goes on to say that just before he was about to put his plan into action, he suddenly learned that Nico Robin was setting course for the island in a pirate ship. He further mentions that he had now included a Buster Call in his plans. Before him would now stand the two keys to the oldest weapon of mankind.

When Robin goes to ask him why Aokiji should grant him the power of the Buster Call, he loses his temper and knocks her to the ground. She, as one of the devils of Ohara, should be grateful for being allowed to live at all. Even her mere existence is a sin in his opinion.

He then tells Robin that Luffy and his crew are on the island, but that they have probably long since been captured, as he believes they would be no match for 10,000 soldiers. The prisoners are then to be transported to Impel Down. When Robin learns this, she is horrified. Enraged, she yells at him that he would be breaking her promise by doing so. However, Lucci reiterates that their agreement only included that the six members of the Straw Hat Pirates be allowed to leave Water 7 peacefully. After Robin and Franky comment on this fact one more time, Spandam loses his temper again and takes turns kicking them.

Meanwhile, Luffy continues to fight his way to Robin.

Meanwhile, in Spandam’s office, Blueno learns from Owl that the Straw Hats have shown up in Enie’s lobby, but that there have only been five casualties so far. He then sees the phone and realizes that the receiver is not on the hook.

Spandam orders the guards to take the two prisoners outside and then asks his agents if they would like to celebrate with him some more, but they decline.

On the main island of Enies Lobby, confusion suddenly reigns as Luffy has suddenly disappeared. The latter has finally managed to climb the last building, the courthouse. Once at the top, a door suddenly appears in the air and shortly after Blueno is standing opposite him. The latter almost realized that the number of injured couldn’t possibly be right. When Blueno asks the pirate how long he will fight, he answers to the death.

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