One Piece Chapter 380


Miss Goldenweek’s Operation: Back to the Baroque, Part 16 – Miss Valentine Caught.
Miss Valentine stands tied to a pillar with Hina Blackcage standing next to her. Jango and Fullbody can be seen in the background.


At the courthouse, the judge introduces himself: the one on the left is Baskerville, the one on the right is Baskerville, and the one in the middle claims himself to be named Center Freeway, for which he gets another head-butt from the other two. After being briefed on the situation at the gate, they decide to post 100 members of the Justice Guard at the gate for backup.

Meanwhile, Kiwi and Mozz managed to pick the locks on the island gate. Now all that’s left is to get Oimo out of the way. Paulie tackles that with his rope technique. He wraps his rope around the giant and lets the two King Bulls pull on it, creating a giant spinning top that they use to break right through the gate.

The five minutes have also long since passed and so the Rocketman has begun its journey towards Enie’s lobby. However, some agents and marines at the main gate have already regained consciousness, recognize the enemy train, and therefore close the gate. Zoro immediately recognizes the problem and tells the other Straw Hats on the train as well as Grandma Kokoro, but he also immediately has a suitable solution. He orders the frog to push down the fence a little when they are close enough, which they then use as a run-up ramp for a flight over the gate.

With the high speed, they also make it over the gate. While the soldiers among them are very surprised about this, Nami, Chopper and Sogeking on the train are hugely scared. When they ask Zoro if he thought about landing, he only replies very calmly that they should leave it to luck.

Meanwhile, at the island gate, Oimo falls to the ground after the giant spinning top. On his back are Paulie, Peepley Lulu, Tilestone, Zambai, the Mozu and Kiwi, and the rest of the Franky Family. But suddenly, Paulie is wounded in the shoulder by a member of the Justice Guard riding a wolf. The Justice Guard has arrived at the gate to defend it on the orders of Judge Baskerville. They also manage to get Oimo back on his feet.

But just as he stands, he is suddenly hit in the back by the approaching Rocketman and goes down again. All the onlookers are visibly surprised. The Straw Hats’ friends are also slightly annoyed, as it seems they opened the gates for nothing after all. As the train stands, a few agents approach it, but they are immediately defeated by two figures. These are Zoro and Sanji. When the Franky Family sees the two, they are very relieved to see that the Straw Hats survived the aerial maneuver unscathed.

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