One Piece Chapter 379


Color Spread: Nami, in a green bikini and Luffy’s straw hat, sits on a dock with Robin, who is wearing a brown dress and also a straw hat. Leaning at her side is Chopper, who has fallen asleep, with a medicine book on his lap. On the water, Zoro and Usopp sit together in a rowboat, fishing. A little behind them, Luffy is sitting in a hammock tied to a palm tree with Sanji standing on it waving to Nami and Robin, also fishing. His hook is hanging from the mouth of a lion, who is also in the water in a floaty ring.


In his office, Spandam greets agents Rob Lucci, Kaku, Blueno, and Kalifa, who have just arrived and takes it as sexual harassment. Lucci reports that they have apprehended criminal Cutty Framm, who attacked World Government agents eight years ago, and criminal Nico Robin, who allegedly attacked Navy ships in the Westblue 20 years ago. The two wait outside the door. They are also greeted by the other agents. Jabra immediately starts another argument with Lucci, however the situation can be calmed down by Kaku. Kumadori notes that they haven’t seen each other in five years now.

Owl, on the other hand, goes after Kalifa first, then Kaku, Blueno and finally Lucci. All four of them kick or punch him away. He wasn’t trying to attack them, but was merely using this to calculate their Douriki. With his Teawase ability and the 10 Douriki a common soldier has, he calculates 630 Douriki for Kalifa, 820 Douriki for Blueno, 2200 Douriki for Kaku, and – after a short delay – 4000 Douriki for Lucci, the highest he’s ever heard of. With the values of Jabra at 2180, of Kumadori at 810, and himself at 800 Douriki, he has made a complete list.

Jabra is visibly angry about this, as he can’t believe that his value is even lower than Kaku’s. However, he thinks he still has an advantage over Kaku with his devil power. However, when Lucci calls him a very cranky dog and Jabra calls his comrade a stray cat, both of their patience strings snap and they use their devil powers and transform. This time it is Kalifa who is able to calm them down again.

Owl explains to the others why Jabra is in such a bad mood. He was rejected by Gatherine, the canteen worker, just the day before. Jabra is furious when Owl tells the others this.

Spandam reminds his agents that they have all successfully completed training and they all have the powers of a superhuman. Therefore, it doesn’t matter much what their Douriki levels are. However, he is very angry when Owl accidentally blurts out that his Douriki score is only nine, even lower than a soldier’s. Shortly thereafter, chaos erupts in Spandam’s office. While Kalifa accuses him of sexual harassment again, Kumadori tries to kill himself, but it’s impossible because he uses the Tekkai. However, Spandam is able to bring calm back into the room. After seeing the two prisoners, he wants to distribute some more gifts. These are two devil fruits.

Shortly after, Nico Robin and Franky are led into the room. He is of the opinion that all garbage in the world must be removed and some sacrifices are necessary. But when he then also insults Tom, Franky’s patience snaps. The cyborg runs towards Spandam and bites him in the head, but is forced to the ground by Kumadori shortly afterwards.

In Enie’s lobby, Luffy is still trying to lose the numerous soldiers. Some agents are desperately trying to reach Spandam, but he can’t hear the call because his receiver isn’t on the hook. Meanwhile, Luffy is in a house, which he destroys with a gum-gum kick upwards. In the process, he also pushes the walls outward and destroys them with the Gomu Gomu no Gatling, causing the rocks to all fall on his attackers.

At the island’s courthouse, the soldiers desperately ask the judge for advice, as they can’t reach Spandam. But the three-headed judge Baskerville disagrees, one condemns the pirates, one thinks they are innocent and the one in the middle takes a neutral position, which is why he gets a headbutt from the other two.

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