One Piece Chapter 378


Miss Goldenweek’s Operation: Back to the Baroque, Part 15 – Let’s Get Out of Here!
Mr. 5 and Miss Goldenweek are being pursued by the Navy (including Hina Blackcage).


In front of the island gate, the two giants make it clear to the intruders that they will finish them off no matter what. They tell them to just go back home, as nothing will happen to them in this case. But since there’s no way the Franky Family will back down, they begin an almost hopeless fight. The three destroyers attack Oimo and Kashii, but are immediately beaten to the ground by them. The remaining members of the Franky Family are dismayed. However, the giants explain to them again that they will not let any of them through that gate. However, the friends of the Straw Hats fight on anyway.

They attack the giants, but are defeated by them. Until suddenly Sodom and Gomorrah show up. Along with the King Bulls, the guys from the Galley-La also show up, as well as Zambai and the Mozu and Kiwi. Together, they manage to bring down the giant Kashii. In the process, Kiwi and Mozz cut his left shoe so that he slips, Paulie then pulls him backwards by his hair with his ropes, and finally Zambai shoots him in the face with the bazooka. As the giant is on the ground, Peepley Lulu and Tilestone fix his face to the wall with nails. When Oimo sees this, he gets very angry and wants to hit them with the club. However, they all managed to jump off in time, so he catches his own friend Kashii in the process.

Meanwhile, Spandam receives a situation report in his office. The reporting soldier mentions that the two giants are holding up the invaders at the gate. In his opinion, the invaders don’t stand a chance against Oimo and Kashii. Furthermore, in response to Spandam’s question about Luffy, he informs him that the estimates are 400, which Spandam doesn’t understand. When the director asks again, the reporting officer says that it’s the damage report and that’s the number of soldiers the Straw Hat Captain has already defeated. Shortly after, Luffy applies the Gomu Gomu no Storm, which he uses to apply tremendous damage to the soldiers. Therefore, the reporting agent wants to correct the number, but is hit in the head by an injured soldier and thus can only pronounce the five instead of the 500. Spandam complains about the wrong first number and hangs up.

Meanwhile, Lucci and the other CP9 agents, along with Nico Robin and Franky, have arrived at the Justice Tower.

The five minutes are now up and the Rocketman sets course for the main gate. On the train, Nami asks Sogeking how to use her new climate clock stick, but he dismisses her. Outside at the top of the Rocketman, Zoro sits with the frog Yokuzuna, waiting to cut the iron bars of the grate.

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