One Piece Chapter 376


Miss Goldenweek’s Operation: Back to the Baroque, Part 14 – Hina Attacks
Hina attacks Miss Goldenweek, Miss Valentine and Mr. 5.


In Rocketman, Luffy and Chopper are totally thrilled when they meet Sogeking. He claims himself to be from the Isle of Sharpshooters and to be a very good friend of Usopp. Everyone else on the train immediately recognized him as Usopp. Meanwhile, Sanji explains to Nami that Robin had a terrible past that the CP9 is now using to blackmail Robin. Luffy, of course, once again doesn’t care, nor does the fact that Robin sacrificed herself for her. He just wants to free her.

Shortly after, Paulie shows the Straw Hats an approximate map of Enie’s lobby that he made himself when he was fixing some rails there. Since he believes that only the Straw Hats can do anything against the CP9, he wants to start by storming the main gate and the island gate with the Franky Family to clear a path for the Straw Hats waiting in the Rocketman. Once on the island, they are then to immediately head to the Justice Tower, as he believes Robin and Franky are being held there. While there, the Straw Hats are not to start any pointless fights, but instead focus completely on the CP9. Luffy indicates that he gets the plan.

When they all finally reach Enie’s lobby, they can’t get out of their amazement. Behind the island they see a huge gate, the Gate of Justice, which according to Grandma Kokoro never opens completely. Behind the gate is the Calm Belt, which so far only naval ships can pass through. So if they want to free the two prisoners, they’ll have to do so before they get past the gate.

As the Franky Family and the Galley-La boys are about to begin the plan, Chopper suddenly realizes that Luffy has disappeared. Shortly after, some members of the Franky Family report that Luffy is already on the island. As expected, he once again didn’t understand anything about the plan at all and went off on his own. Nevertheless, the Franky Family as well as Paulie, Tilestone and Peepley Lulu also set out to storm the main gate and the island gate.

Luffy is now already on the fence surrounding the island, launching himself at the top of the main gate with a Gomu Gomu no Rocket. The marines and agents of the World Government below wonder in amazement what just flew over them. When they can make out a human on top of the main gate, they immediately shoot the intruder. However, Luffy also immediately jumps down on the other side and runs on to the island gate.

A marine reports the incident to Spandam. He orders the intruder to be shot on sight. News of an intruder has also arrived at the island gate. The soldiers are able to identify him as Straw Hat Luffy. However, he makes short work of them. After a few attacks he has knocked out almost all of them. Meanwhile, at the main gate, the Franky Family and the Galley-La boys have appeared and begin to attack the soldiers.

While Robin takes a quick turn towards the island and main gate on his way to the Justice Tower, the Straw Hats in the Rocketman get ready for the battles to come soon.

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