One Piece Chapter 375


Miss Goldenweek’s Operation: Back to the Baroque, Part 13 – Watched by Hina
Hina recognizes Miss Goldenweek, Miss Valentine, and Mr. 5 in the mug shots despite their disguises.


In the first car of the Puffing Tom are Robin and Franky, both wearing handcuffs. Robin tells Franky that Iceburg is still alive, which visibly relieves Franky. However, she cautions him to keep this to himself. Franky notes that he has the plans for Pluton and Robin could decipher them. Now that they are prisoners of the World Government, it is possible for this organization to build the Ancient Weapon, ending the Pirate Age. Once his master Tom sacrificed himself to hide the plans from the world. Franky wants to try at all costs to bring Robin back to the Straw Hats. But the latter thinks that this would only put her in danger.

After the collision with Yokuzuna, the Franky Family with their two King Bulls Sodom and Gomorrah got separated from the Rocketman. In order to find the sea train again anyway, they continue to stay by the tracks. In the process, they encounter two more severed cars of the Puffing Tom.

Meanwhile, on the Rocketman is Yokuzuna, who is being yelled at by Luffy. On the train, the others are also dumbfounded. In order to find the right way back to Enie’s lobby, Nami takes charge for the time being since she is a navigator. Meanwhile, Granny Kokoro calms Yokuzuna down. She explains to him that she hasn’t been captured, but is on her way to Enie’s lobby with the others to free Franky. She offers to help Yokuzuna help them. Eight years after watching Tom be taken away, he can now prove his qualities. However, before they are allowed to arrive at Court Island, they must first recover the Franky Family.

Meanwhile, the Puffing Tom has arrived in Enie’s lobby. The CP9 agents as well as the two prisoners get off. Franky, of course, has to bite the first soldier who tries to touch him. Afterwards, everyone passes through the main gate of Enie’s lobby under the supervision of numerous marines. Behind it, Franky can’t get out of his amazement, as the island seems to float above a huge waterfall. In the middle of the ocean is a huge hole into which the water masses fall, forming a huge waterfall. Even the bottom is not visible.

In the Justice Tower, Spandam notices the arrival of his agents. He is pleased that they were able to complete their mission after five years. Sitting across from him are Jabra, Kumadori, and Owl, also agents of the CP9. Spandam is furious with the three of them, as they killed 23 people on their mission to kill a rebel leader. However, the agents couldn’t help it as there was a leak in their plan.

Meanwhile, the Franky Family has managed to take Sanji and Sogeking from Puffing Tom’s two cars. Together, they are now heading towards Enie’s lobby. When they find a spot on the horizon where it’s light out, they know it’s not far to Enie’s lobby, as this is the island where it’s always daytime. Rocketman is also nearby, so they all finally meet up again.

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