One Piece Chapter 374


Miss Goldenweek’s Operation: Back to the Baroque, Part 12 – We’re dressing up now.
Miss Goldenweek, Miss Valentine and Mr. 5 dressed up to avoid being recognized.


On the way to Enie’s lobby, Rocketman is confronted by a frog. It is Yokuzuna, who, it seems, wants to stop the train.

Meanwhile, thanks to Sogeking’s distraction, Sanji, Franky and Sogeking have managed to get Robin into the third wagon and separate it from the rest of the Puffing Tom. But the CP9 agents don’t give up yet, as Kalifa holds the wagon with her thorn-studded whip. She gives this to Blueno, who then pulls the cart back. Sanji has to admit that Blueno is very strong. Nevertheless, Sanji stands in the agent’s way. With a kick to the head he wants to put him out of action, but thanks to his Tekkai Blueno can survive the attack unharmed.

Meanwhile, Sogeking is supposed to protect Robin. However, she doesn’t want to be protected at all, but attacks Sogeking with her devil powers, because she doesn’t want the others to interfere in her affairs. Sanji is horrified and also momentarily distracted, which is why he is kicked away by Kaku.

Franky finds it amazing how far the Straw Hats would go for their friends, so he wants to give them a chance to escape. With a lot of momentum, he pushes so hard on the wall to the second car that it is torn off the rest of the third car and he lands on top of the agents along with the wall. Thus, it appears that Sanji, Sogeking, and Robin were able to escape after all. Afterwards, in the second car, Lucci only asks the cyborg why he did that, to which the cyborg replies that the others would definitely not leave without Robin.

In the third car, Robin yells back that she’s not trying to escape, to which Sanji replies that he knows about the situation and they’ll get through the Buster Call somehow. Suddenly, a door appears behind Sanji, from which Blueno emerges and attacks the surprised chef with a Rankyaku.

Meanwhile, in the second car, Lucci explains to Franky that Blueno didn’t just disappear, but that he ate of a devil fruit that allows him to open doors anywhere he wants, even through the layers of the atmosphere. At this moment, he is in the process of retrieving Nico Robin, which he succeeds in doing after a very brief struggle. To protect her friends, she repeats again that she had no intention of escaping and that it would be better to leave now. The moment she’s about to walk out the door, Sogeking tells her that a member can only leave the crew if the captain allows it and that she should put her trust in Luffy, which is why he subsequently gets a kick from Blueno.

However, Sanji and Sogeking do not want to give up yet. But Blueno makes it clear to them that Robin will not break her promise. A few years ago an entire island was destroyed by a Buster Call, only the young Nico Robin survived. Therefore, he says, she will not return to the Straw Hats. He then turns and walks back through the door. Sanji tries one last attack, but is too late as the door is already closed.

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