One Piece Chapter 373


Color Spread: In the foreground, Luffy, Zoro, Sanji, and Chopper stand in a line. All four are carrying a kimono, an umbrella, and weapons. A short distance behind them is Nami, who is also dressed in a kimono and umbrella.


The fight between Franky and Nero is not yet decided, but despite his centaur form, the cyborg has been hit in the back again by Nero and is now hanging on the edge of the roof. As the CP9 agent tries to launch him off the roof into the sea, Franky clutches him with his four legs. Nero is now defenseless and therefore Franky is able to catch him with the Ultimate Hammer. The blow is so strong that it even pierces the roof of the Puffing Tom and the two of them come up right next to Sanji. Franky then kicks Nero right at the feet of Lucci, Kaku, Kalifa and Blueno. The CP9 agents find that all the other marines are defeated as well.

When Nero moves again and tries to get up, Lucci asks Kaku who the guy is. The former ship’s carpenter replies that Nero is the newest member of the CP9 and has mastered four of the six forms. In Lucci’s eyes, he is too weak for the CP9 and is eliminated by him using the Shigan.

Lucci then turns his attention to Franky and Sanji. He tells them that if they want to free Nico Robin, they better give up, as some people are better off dead. He goes on to tell them that Robin is a demon and that even at 8 years old, there was an amazing bounty on her head. Her very existence would be a sin and only her death can bring safety and bliss to the world. Sanji can’t listen to what the CP9 agent is saying and kicks him in the head, which seems to be hard as steel though. But suddenly a door opens and out of the first cart steps Robin along with Sogeking. In the wagon itself lies the defeated Corgi. When Sanji sees Robin he is very pleased, meanwhile Franky notes that she still looks like the little girl on the wanted poster. But suddenly Robin grabs Sogeking with her devil powers and throws him into the nearest wagon, Sanji is horrified when he sees this.

However, Sogeking has an idea. He tells Franky to uncouple the third car, and uses a smoke bomb shortly after. Since the agents can’t see anything, Sogeking is able to grab Robin and runs back to Franky and Sanji with her. The two are visibly thrilled by this.

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