One Piece Chapter 372


Miss Goldenweek’s Operation: Back to the Baroque, Part 11 – Mr. 2 is wanted for escaping from prison.
Miss Goldenweek, Miss Valentine and Mr. 5 are facing Mr. 2’s wanted poster because he escaped from prison.


A fierce battle between Franky and Nero continues to rage on the roof of the Puffing Tom. So far, the two have not managed to inflict any serious damage on their opponent. But after an attack from Franky, Nero jumps into the air with Geppou and picks up two guns. Franky tries to trick him by first running to the next car, but then quickly turns around and shoots at his opponent with his Weapons Left. However, the latter is already behind him and shoots at the cyborg, hitting him in the back and thus realizing its weak point. Although the CP9 agent now knows his opponent’s weak spot, Franky doesn’t let it get him down so easily. First, he uses Franky Invincible and then transforms into a centaur.

Meanwhile, Sanji is still fighting CP7 agent Wanze in Car 4. Sanji has managed to almost completely destroy Wanze’s noodle tank, which can be seen by the fact that there are numerous plates of noodles next to it. When the agent attacks again, Sanji uses his knives again and cuts the armor into small pieces once more. A peeled bug is left behind. When the latter throws some knives at the chef out of anger because of this, Sanji gets angry as kitchen knives should not be used for killing. The straw hat pirate kicks his opponent in the eyes first. Then when bug starts talking about Robin as well, more kicks against his nose, cheek, on his mouth, teeth and under his chin follow. Afterwards he threatens him. If Bug utters another word, he will kick his skull in. However, Bug again tells Sanji that Robin is supposedly a devil, which leads to Sanji giving him a Parage Shoot. Horrified, the agent finds afterwards that his face is totally ruined. However, the cook of the Straw Hat Pirates is still furious since Bug wasted food, called himself a cook, and insulted a friend of his. But even Bug isn’t admitting defeat yet. He pulls out a poisoned knife to defeat Sanji, though he doesn’t succeed, as the chef was able to dodge it in time. With a final kick, the Santen Découpage, Sanji sends his opponent through the door and the next car directly at the feet of Lucci, Kaku, Kalifa and Blueno.

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