One Piece Chapter 371


Miss Goldenweek’s Operation: Back to the Baroque, Part 10 – Let’s Have Fun Catching the Rest Today
Hina rests in a recliner while Fullbody holds up a picture of Mr. 3 and Jango can be seen in the background with a floatie.


Luffy sits outside on the Rocketman and catches sight of the Puffing Tom with some members of the Franky Family. Meanwhile, on the train, the Mozu and Kiwi, Peepley Lulu, Tilestone, Zambai, Chimney, Gonbe and Chopper reenact Aqua Laguna and how the two Straw Hats destroyed it, which Zoro and Paulie find very childish. Suddenly, however, Luffy informs them that they have spotted the Puffing Tom.

Meanwhile, the agents and soldiers in the two detached cars don’t know what to do. Since they don’t have a machine they can’t move forward either, so they have to wait for rescue. As one agent looks out the door towards Water 7, he notices something coming from there. It is moving on the tracks and appears to be another lake train.

As Zambai looks a little closer at the train in front of them, he notices that it’s not an entire train, but just two uncoupled carriages standing on the tracks without moving. If they don’t come up with something to get the cars off the tracks, they will collide with them. To make sure Sanji, Usopp, and Franky aren’t on that part of the sea train, Luffy shoots himself a Gomu Gomu no Rocket and searches the train. The agents of the two cars are very surprised when they suddenly see Straw Hat Luffy standing in front of them. They want to shoot him with their guns, but have no chance, as Luffy is a rubber man.

Since the three aren’t in the cars, that part of the train needs to be cleared out of the way. The Franky Family is about to take care of this, but Luffy yells to Zoro to cut the wagons. Using his two-sword technique, Zoro manages to split the two wagons in half with a clean cut, allowing the Rocketman to continue unimpeded. Both the Franky Family and the agents on the train are visibly stunned.

But it is not over yet. Zoro thinks that there must be someone or something stronger ahead of them on the track when they see the dismembered Sea King. He ties his bandanna around himself and sits at the head of the train.

A few minutes before them, Captain T-Bone is on the tracks and running towards Enie’s lobby. He is desperate to recapture the criminals, otherwise he feels more innocent civilians will have to sacrifice their lives. He wants to bring justice to this unjust world. But suddenly he hears another sea train behind him, the Rocketman, on top of which Zoro is already waiting for him.

The Frankys also recognize the ship cutter and want to get ready to fire. But Luffy orders them to wait, as Zoro will take care of the matter. Zoro also manages to defeat his opponent with one attack. It is now not far to Enie’s lobby and there should be no more obstacles blocking their way.

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