One Piece Chapter 370


Miss Goldenweek’s Operation: Back to the Baroque, Part 9 – The Navy’s on Holiday Island.
Miss Goldenweek orders three ice creams from an ice cream stand. Miss Valentine and Mr. 5 are not thrilled about this, as there are marines standing nearby.


In the first car of the Puffing Tom, Sogeking sits across from Robin. The latter tells her that he came here to save her, and that Sanji and Franky want to save her as well. However, the two are already each involved in a fight. Further, he informs her that the Straw Hats in another lake train have already given chase. To get to her, Sogeking has gone along the walls of the wagons. So he also wants to escape with Robin, as he doesn’t want to wait until Sanji meets the agents, who seem to be very strong in his eyes. However, Robin doesn’t want to go with him as she left the gang for certain reasons. However, Sogeking informs her that everyone already knows those reasons and they would never willingly sacrifice a friend. However, Robin yells at him that she never wanted anyone to save her, which stuns Sogeking.

Suddenly there is a knock at the door and Corgi enters, having heard someone scream. When he sees Robin, in whose robe Sogeking has also hidden, he immediately realizes that there is something suspicious about Robin. However, she makes it clear to him that there is nothing wrong with her. However, Sogeking’s hands, which are peeking out of the robe, make strange movements.

In car number 5, Sanji is still fighting the CP7 agent bug. When Sanji tries to kick him, he gets stuck in his opponent’s noodle tank and is thrown by it into the corner of the cart, but Sanji is able to dodge a subsequent attack. The chef tries to hit Wanze in the head, but can’t land a hit as the agent suddenly presses dough out of his nose with a lot of pressure, knocking Sanji back again. Another time the agent tries to corner Sanji with his noodle armor, when suddenly the cook gets an idea. He grabs two knives and uses them to cut his opponent’s attack into a plate of pasta. Normally Sanji never uses his hands in battle, but since they are in a kitchen here, he can make an exception. Therefore, the following attacks of Wanzes are also processed with the knives.

Meanwhile, on the roof of the third car, Franky fights the sea weasel Nero. With his previous attacks Franky could not land a hit yet, because the agent has mastered the techniques Kami-e and Soru. But even Nero has no chance with his Rankyaku, as Franky is a cyborg. When Franky attacks his opponent with Fresh Fire, the latter dodges with Geppou. Both fighters are baffled as to why their respective attacks do nothing to their opponent.

Only 20 minutes remain before arriving at the main gate of Enies Lobby.

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