One Piece Chapter 369


The Straw Hats as well as Sogeking and Robin are depicted in battle poses. Robin holds a sword and Nami a pistol.


Kalifa is not pleased with the latest news. She can’t understand how the agents could have allowed the last two cars to be uncoupled. But the reporting agent reassures her. After all, there are five cars left. In number 4 is Wanze from CP7, in number 3 is Nero from CP9, in this car here, number 2, are the remaining CP9 agents plus Corgi, and in car number 1 is Nico Robin. Lucci notes that the intruders must be very strong, but he also indicates that their only problem would be Franky, since their mission was to get Franky and Robin to Enie’s lobby. When asked if the fugitives have been identified yet, the agent replies that it would be the two prisoners, but one of them is hiding under a mask, and another man with blonde hair. Kaku notes that this one is probably also part of the Straw Hat Pirates. Blueno asks if he should check on Nico Robin, but Lucci denies it.

Meanwhile, Sanji, Franky, and Sogeking are still in Car 4. However, they haven’t managed to defeat Wanze yet. Therefore, Sanji thinks he’ll take the guy and the other two should go ahead. Since Wanze won’t let them pass, they have to take the detour across the roof.

Bug attacks Sanji with his Ramen Kenpou, but the chef is able to dodge in time and kick his opponent. Bug is surprised that Sanji was able to dodge his attack and kicked him in the face for it. However, this would supposedly be because Sanji’s furrowed eyebrow distracted him.

However, Wanze doesn’t let that get him down. He wants to show Sanji why he was chosen for this job. Using his ultimate technique of Ramen Kenpou, he forms his own noodle armor, which increases his speed, strength, and special abilities. But Sanji is not impressed by this.

Meanwhile, on the roof of the Puffing Tom, Franky meets Nero, the Sea Weasel, an agent of the CP9. Unfortunately, he is not allowed to kill his opponent, because Franky is still needed alive. With a trick, Franky is able to give his opponent a hard punch in the face. Nero doesn’t think that’s fair. But Franky doesn’t really care, since he is the underworld boss in his city.

Meanwhile, Sogeking has worked his way to Robin’s car. When she hears a knock on the window and sees the long-nose there, she is horrified.

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