One Piece Chapter 368


Miss Goldenweek’s Operation: Back to the Baroque, Part 8 – The Fall on Holiday Island
Miss Goldenweek, Miss Valentine and Mr. 5 are dropped by the flying dinosaur on Holiday Island.


On the roof of the sixth car, Sanji, Franky and Sogeking think of a strategy how they can manage to free Robin. However, they don’t know which of the five cars ahead of them Robin is in. Sanji asks Franky if the cyborg is strong, to which he answers in the affirmative. He further states that it would not be good for her to be surrounded by enemies, so they are left with only one option.

Meanwhile, at the Rocketman, Nami has changed and gotten ready to fight, which Paulie doesn’t like at all. Luffy and Zoro are also ready. Luffy packs some more meat in his pockets in case he feels a little hungry later. Zoro notices that Nami has a new weapon. It’s the perfect climate clock stick Usopp made for her after returning from Sky Island. With its dials, it’s much better than the older one.

In one of the front cars of the Puffing Tom, Lucci and the others are informed that there are intruders on the train. The CP9 leader is surprised that they still made it onto the train. But since no one can leave the train that easily, they must all still be in the Puffing Tom. Therefore, Lucci orders the agent to calm down and keep searching.

Suddenly there is a knock on the door of the last car and shortly afterwards Sanji, Franky and Sogeking are standing in the door. The three also close the door immediately and Sogeking locks it with a board. The soldiers are momentarily taken aback, but immediately respond by summoning soldiers from the other cars into the last one. However, they fail to open the door until Captain T-Bone steps out and cuts a rectangle in the wall with his sword. But amazingly, the three of them are no longer there. As the captain climbs onto the roof, he catches sight of the fugitives two cars ahead. Immediately he realizes that they have fallen into a trap themselves, so he orders his soldiers to return to the previous wagons. But before they could do so, Sanji, Franky, and Sogeking cut off the last two cars from the train.

The agents in car number 5 can be defeated quickly. It also turns out that you can’t damage Franky with bullets from the front, because he is a cyborg. His body is equipped with steel and weapons. Franky also shows them his cola supplies, which visibly amazes the other two. Moving on to car number 4, they meet CP7 agent, Wanze, who calls himself a chef. Using a special technique, he is able to mix all the ingredients for a noodle dough in his mouth and then squeeze the noodles out through his nose. However, Sanji just says that they don’t have time for such games and want to get to the next car. However, Bug retorts that they would have to defeat him first in order to get to the next cart.

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