One Piece Chapter 367


Miss Goldenweek’s Operation: Back to the Baroque, Part 7 – The Color Has Been Removed by the Rain
It’s raining, the dinosaur is getting back to normal, Miss Valentine’s umbrella is broken, and Mr. 5 is being shaken back and forth by the wind.


The Franky Family fails to shoot a hole in the wave with their cannons. The special cannon also fails as the wave gets closer and closer.

Meanwhile, in Rocketman, Granny Kokoro explains to Chimney, Gonbe, and Chopper that the rails would never get high enough to cross the wave and that the lake train is no stronger than the wave. So if there’s no other way, they’ll die no matter what. Meanwhile, Nami explains to Sanji what’s going on with Robin.

Just before the train reaches the wave, Luffy and Zoro suddenly climb onto the roof. The Franky Family as well as the boys of the Galley-La wonder what the two are doing there. Using the Gomu Gomu no Sanbyaku Pound Cannon, the two manage to break a hole in the wave for the sea train to successfully pass through. Even the Franky Family is amazed and has to admit that the two are very strong.

Back on the train, Nami gives Luffy the Den-den Mushi as Sanji wants to talk to him. Sanji sits on the roof of the sea train as he did at the beginning of the conversation and tells Luffy that Robin is still being held by the agents. He also knows about everything now since Nami told him every detail. When Luffy tells him to defeat the agents, Zoro says that Sanji better wait since the agents are very dangerous. However, Luffy tells Zoro that he surely wouldn’t listen to him either. After Sanji receives his order, he crushes the Den-den Mushi in his hand and the line goes dead.

Afterwards, Luffy asks Granny Kokoro if the train could go any faster, but she tells him that they’re already going at maximum speed.

On the roof of the Puffing Tom, Usopp has also learned that Robin is also on this train. He notes that many things have happened recently and Robin probably hasn’t heard about them. He is very surprised that she sacrificed her life to protect the Straw Hats, which prompts Franky to sing a little song. However, when Sanji asks him why he would need to cry, he denies it. Sanji decides to free Robin and Franky joins him. Usopp, however, just says that this matter is none of his business anymore, even though he is grateful to Robin for what she did. Besides, he doesn’t want to see Luffy again after everything that happened.

Meanwhile, Captain T-Bone is in car number 7, still searching for the escaped prisoners, but has not been able to find them yet. Meanwhile, in cars number 4 and 3, Wanze and Nero are informed of the current situation. When a soldier searching for the prisoners notices an open window, he climbs out through it onto the roof, where he sees Sanji and Franky standing. However, before he can tell anyone about it, he is hit by something and falls into the water. The shooter was Sogeking, who wants to help the two free their friend.

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