One Piece Chapter 366


Miss Goldenweek’s Operation: Back to the Baroque, Special Part – And the giants are still fighting.
Brogy and Dorry are seen fighting. Since they no longer have weapons, they fight with their fists.


The Rocketman leaves Water 7 in the direction of Enie’s lobby. Shortly after the sea train leaves the city, something suddenly flies towards him. It is the Franky Family with the two King Bulls Sodom and Gomorrah. They dock with the sea train. Shortly after, they reach the tracks, which the train hits perfectly thanks to the train’s driver, Grandma Kokoro, and Chimney and Gonbe. The two have been secretly following the Straw Hats, which Grandma Kokoro is so not pleased about.

As Luffy climbs out onto the train, he also immediately notices that the speed has increased rapidly. The Franky Family also realizes that they can’t stay out here. Therefore, they all gather inside the train. But, as Zoro discovers, there are also some other uninvited guests with them. These are Paulie, Peepley Lulu and Tilestone from the Galley-La.

Paulie explains that their enemy also wanted to kill Iceburg and that he has a personal score to settle. Since he cannot stop the Straw Hats, he therefore wants to join them. Tilestone and Peepley Lulu also want to know who Iceburg’s assassins were, so they have hidden in the coal truck. They also want to join the Straw Hats.

Zambai and the Mozu and Kiwi also know who these people are. They have also kidnapped Franky. Only Tilestone and Peepley Lulu are still ignorant. Therefore, Paulie agrees to explain everything to them. Allegedly, the two would already know, only wanted to have their suspicions confirmed by Paulie. So the ship’s carpenter tells them that the assassins are Lucci, Kalifa, Kaku and Blueno. These are actually spies for the world government and have been trying to kill Iceburg. The other two shipwrights are horrified, as they thought Michael and Hoichael were the culprits.

After the reconnaissance, Luffy speaks up. Although he has had some problems in town with both the Galley-La ship’s carpenters and the Franky Family, they still share the same enemy. In the upcoming battle, he plans to take on the Pigeon Heini and defeat him.

Meanwhile, Nami asks Grandma Kokoro if she shouldn’t be in the cab. But Kokoro explains to the straw-hatted pirate that the brakes don’t work, so they couldn’t control the train. Her only job has been to get the train on the tracks. Nami wants to tell Luffy that they are racing into a huge wave, but he is still talking to Paulie and Zambai. Since they all three have the same goal, he declares them brothers in arms. In the sea train in front of them are their friends. If they all band together, they will become stronger and be able to achieve their goals. Even a wave will not be able to stop them.

As the Franky Family gets ready to shoot a hole in the shaft, Nami’s baby Den-den Mushi suddenly rings.

On the other end of the line is the Puffing Tom. In the fifth car of the train is Captain T-Bone and his men. When he learns that the two prisoners have disappeared and all the soldiers in the sixth car have been defeated, he orders the news to be relayed to the other cars. On the roof of the wagon, Sanji is sitting with Franky and Usopp, talking to Nami on the phone via a Den-den Mushi.

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