One Piece Chapter 365


Miss Goldenweek’s Operation: Back to the Baroque, Part 6: Escape from the Island of the Giants
Miss Goldenweek flies away from Little Garden on the flying dinosaur, with Mr. 5 and Miss Valentine hanging by their feet from a rope. Dorry waves goodbye.


Enies Lobby: Spandam is happy about the permission for the Buster Call he received from Admiral Aokiji. Standing with him is his elephant Funkfreed. He is now joined by Cutty Framm and Nico Robin on the sea train, the two people with the abilities to revive the Ancient Weapon.

Sea Train, Freight Car (6th Car): Sanji, who has already taken out all the World Government officials in Carriage 7, is about to kick the last official in Carriage 6 unconscious with the Collier Frit. Franky and Usopp are also tied up in the train car. Sanji is delighted to find Den-den Mushis that he can use to contact Nami. When he learns Franky’s name, he reacts angrily and first kicks the latter until Usopp asks him to stop because Franky took care of the Going Merry. The argument is loud enough to alert Captain T-Bone in Car 5.

Water 7, warehouse behind the garbage plant: Kokoro leads the remaining straw hats to the warehouse where a lake train that has been neglected for eight years is supposed to be. It was built twelve years ago. They enter the warehouse and stand in front of Rocketman, who was too fast for daily operations. Iceberg steps out of the train and Kokoro asks him what he is doing here. Same as them, can’t leave Franky alone. He’s loaded with water and coal, but he strongly warns everyone not to get excited until they arrive alive. The Rocketman has been a failure, as the steam engine can’t control the speed, which is why it keeps speeding. Luffy thanks him and goes to board the train, but keels over out of weakness, he’s lost too much blood. Nami comes running up with the two station workers, dragging a large sack behind her. Luffy drives at her where she’s been, but when she pulls meat and sake from the sack, he’s calm and along with Zoro, he fortifies himself.

Kokoro has entered the cab and receives final instructions from Iceburg, but she is skilled enough and will be able to steer the train. Suddenly Zambai and the Franky Family are standing in the doorway. They heard about Luffy’s plan to follow the sea train to Enie’s lobby through Galley-Las and want to join to free Franky, but they can’t get past Aqua Laguna alone. Nami immediately rejects the request and won’t take them under any circumstances after all they’ve done to them, but Luffy doesn’t mind and invites them along for the ride. However, they would rather tie up to the last wagon with their King Bull. Rocketman starts to drive off and everyone is told to hold on. The train sets course for Enie’s lobby.

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