One Piece Chapter 364


Color Spread. Caption: Let me see what you can do
The Straw Hat Pirates is on the water, about to attack a hippo with a crown. Nami and Usopp come flying in on a gliding bike. Chopper and Robin, who is relaxing on a chair, approach in a boat. Also riding in a boat are Zoro, ready to jump with sword drawn, and Sanji, loading a musket. Luffy leaps towards the hippo with a spear.


Water 7: The Straw Hats Luffy, Zoro, Chopper and Nami, swallowed by the wave, are already considered lost when the onlooking craftsmen see that Paulie was able to save the four with his ropes. He pulls them out of the water and immediately they head up to the shipyard island. The big bridge collapses and with a leap they just make it to the shipyard island. The water almost reaches the shipyard island. Immediately, everyone is told to head even further inland, as the next waves will soon be rolling towards the island. Nami calmly explains the situation to Zoro and Luffy. Without thinking, they decide to follow the sea train with Robin and Sanji. But Paulie enlightens them that there is only the Puffing Tom, built by the legendary shipwright Tom. He won’t give them a ship, because none can withstand the force of the Aqua Laguna. It would mean sending them to certain death. Only the next morning he wants to give them a ship.

Nami doesn’t think they can free Robin yet if they wait until the next day. She’s heard about Enie’s lobby, where the Gate of Justice is located. It is the Isle of Justice, but no court decides guilt or innocence, instead arriving on the island is considered confirmation of guilt. The prisoner eventually reaches the Gate of Justice beyond which only two places exist. One is the Naval Headquarters, the seat of the power of justice, and the other is the Impel Down, the prison in the deep sea where there are said to be torture rooms and guillotines.

They can’t leave Robin to that fate, they have to leave now to save her from just that. Paulie reminds them that they plan to attack a heavily guarded central location of the world government and their chances of getting out alive are nil. Luffy poses ready to fight and plans to steal a ship if they won’t give him one willingly. Paulie gets ready to fight as well. Kokoro, who has been following everything, interferes. If anything can overcome Aqua Laguna, it’s a sea train. If they really want to die, let them follow her, she will give them a sea train.

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