One Piece Chapter 363


Miss Goldenweek Operation: Back to the Baroque, Part 5: Colour Trap…Light Green for Friendship
Miss Goldenweek has given the light green to a pterosaur, who now gives a thumbs up and grins.


Water 7: The entire island is dry, the water has receded very far and Aqua Laguna is announcing itself. Nami, who has seen Luffy trapped between two houses in the lower part of the island, tries to save him before the wave reaches the island. The workmen shout for her to come back or she will be pulled into the sea. Chopper is standing by, looking over the town, when he sees Zoro’s legs sticking out of a chimney. Immediately, he too runs to the lower part of the city. Paulie orders no one to follow the two. They can’t beat the sea, and now they can only hope to get back to the upper city in time. Some distance away, the wave builds and comes inexorably closer.

Chopper is with Zoro and calls for him. Nami has also arrived at Luffy’s place and tells him with tears in her eyes that Robin plans to die for her in order to prevent the Buster Call against the Straw Hat Pirates. Luffy is happy that Robin lied to him after all. He reassures Nami, no way is he going to let Robin die. Chopper tries to pull Zoro out of the chimney, but can’t get him out. Zoro suddenly senses the Kitetsu that Chopper is carrying. He can feel the curse of the sword and asks Chopper to put it in his hand. The wave has reached the outskirts of the city and far surpasses the houses in size.

With all his might, Luffy manages to push the two houses apart. Immediately he stretches his arm and holds on to a tower. With his other arm he grabs Nami and catapults himself upwards. With a slash 36 sense phoenix, Zoro manages to split the chimney. Chopper swallows a Rumble Ball, grabs Zoro, and double-jumppowers up to the big bridge. The four of them reach the big bridge at the same time and everyone, including the craftsmen, think they are safe when a wave crashes over the bridge and destroys it.

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