One Piece Chapter 362


Miss Goldenweek’s Operation: Back to the Baroque, Part 4: I Turn Myself In!
Miss Goldenweek packs her suitcase in the house of wax. Mr. 5 and Miss Valentine try to dissuade her.


Grand Line, Sea Train: Sanji has entered the last car, which is full of World Government officials, who are now all pointing guns at him. Rob Lucci is supposed to be informed immediately about the intruder, but Jerry, agent of CP 6, says they don’t need to report such a minor incident. He is the ruler of the karate island in the Southblue and also the boxing champion of the island. He demonstrates his skills right away with aurora flicker jab. He only hits his own people though. He says his size, having to stand with his back bent, is not a disadvantage as he is unbeatable in tight spaces. He tries to prove it with the Yoga Style, but Sanji is unimpressed as he can’t reach him. With the screw drop kick, Jerry quickly shoots towards Sanji, who is increasingly annoyed and puts an end to the fight with Brochette.

Second wagon: Corgi explains to Lucci and the other agents of the CP 9 the distribution of the officials to the wagons. In the 7th wagon is Jerry from CP 6 along with the government officials. T-Bone, captain of the naval headquarters, commands 40 soldiers in the 5th wagon. In the 4th car is Wanze of CP 7, the train’s cook. In the 3rd car, Nero, a new agent of CP 9.

Water 7: Nami has found Chopper and tells him about what happened at the station. Since Sanji is on the train, they need to find Luffy and Zoro all the faster. The artisans continue to help them in their search. To Iceburg, they have sent two messengers to inform him. Nami’s orders are for the two station workers to get as much sake and meat as they can. More and more desperately they search for the two missing straw hats. Suddenly, everyone is looking out to sea. The water is receding from the city’s canals. The further the water retreats, the stronger Aqua Laguna becomes. Kokoro is also on an elevated position of the city with Chimney, looking at the sea. The water has retreated so far that the entire island is drained, including the parts that have long been submerged. Chimney spots a person trapped between two houses, and Kokoro tells Nami. She recognizes Luffy and immediately runs. Kokoro yells after her to stop immediately if she doesn’t want to die. The Aqua Laguna arrives.

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