One Piece Chapter 361


Miss Goldenweek’s Operation: Back to the Baroque, Part 3: For the first time they see their colleagues
Mr. 5, Miss Goldenweek and Miss Valentine (who bears a resemblance to Nami in the picture) are reading a newspaper in which they see the pictures of Crocodile, Mr. 1, Mr. 2, Miss Merry Christmas, Mr. 4 and his dog Lassoo. Meanwhile, Mr. 5 is eating meat.


Water 7: Chopper searches for Zoro and Luffy with the help of the Galley-La craftsmen. At Blue Station, the sea train departs, and despite spending five years on the island, Rob Lucci feels no melancholy at leaving. Sanji walks through the empty station concourse. Nami, who is on her way to Blue Station with Paulie and some Galley-Las, hears the train’s steam whistle. Paulie guesses that since there are no civilian passengers, the train might leave early. They’re already within sight of the station. The train starts to leave and Sanji continues walking towards it and is asked what he wants by two station agents right at the train. Nami has arrived at the station and runs to the train. But she only sees the train that has already left.

Blue Station, concourse: Two station employees were beaten by Sanji, who illegally snuck onto the train. The two explain to Paulie that the train left early because of Aqua Laguna, since all the passengers were already on board. Nami, who was devastated, jumps up and wants to chase the train. She wants a big ship from Paulie. He refuses to grant her request and tells her about the dangers of the Aqua Laguna. Suddenly, a wave crashes into the concourse and Paulie grabs Nami and the two officers and flees to higher ground. After the water recedes, they see a destroyed vestibule. The wave has even destroyed a massive stone pillar. But the Aqua Laguna isn’t even there yet, it’s just the beginning. The lake train will be able to escape the center of the storm.

A craftsman brings Nami a letter from Sanji. In order for the letter to be found, he has left a message on the front of the station in huge letters with an arrow pointing to the letter. The first half of the letter is a declaration of love for Nami. In the postscript he mentions getting on the 11pm train. With the letter was a Den-den Mushi that Nami is supposed to carry. If he finds a Den-den Mushi on the train, he’ll be in touch. With Sanji on the train with Robin for now, Nami is reassured. She now wants to find the others and then follow Sanji to Enie’s lobby. Meanwhile, Sanji sits on a railing at the end of the train, annoyed at not being able to smoke in the wet weather. An officer opens the door and notices Sanji in surprise, who kicks him back into the train car with a Collier Shoot.

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