One Piece Chapter 359


Miss Goldenweek’s Operation: Back to the Baroque, Part 1: A House in the Jungle
You can see a simple wax house in the jungle, probably on Little Garden due to the dinosaur above.


Water 7, warehouse under the bridge: Kaku has knocked out Usopp. Since he is no longer a member of the Straw Hat Pirates, but is still a pirate, he is also arrested. Kalifa ties him up. Kaku goes to the The Going Merry and is surprised that it hasn’t been cut up yet. Usopp yells at him to keep his hands off the ship. Kaku opens the gate and pulls the lever for the water. The Lamb flies down to the ship’s graveyard. They are still carpenters and know their craft. The Going Merry was beyond repair.

Company Galley-La, main house: Iceberg regains consciousness. Thanks to Chopper, he and Paulie were rescued from the burning house. Nami also regains consciousness. Iceburg asks the workmen to leave him and Nami alone because he needs to talk to her. He wants to know from Nami if Nico Robin has changed since they were in Water 7. Nami tells him about Robin’s disappearance and refusal to come back to the crew on the grounds that it would allow her to fulfill a wish. Iceburg begins to tell what he knows. When Robin entered the city, the CP 9 plan was underway. Robin and he each possess the keys to the weapon that can destroy the world.

Flashback, Iceburg’s Bedroom: Robin has Iceburg tied to the floor and she’s just been told that the blueprint is a fake. Iceburg is willing to die to keep the government from getting their hands on Pluton’s blueprint. But if Robin is looking for the Poneglyphs and helping the government, he has to stop her. She’s not looking for the stones to revive the weapon, she wants to know the REAL story. If that’s how she feels, then Iceburg thinks it’s better if she dies, because her interests may mean the end of the world. He accuses her of not having learned anything from Ohara. Yet he is accused of knowing nothing about Ohara. The government destroyed Robin’s life then. She helps the government to fulfill her wish. The CP 9 was given permission by Admiral Aokiji to use a Buster Call against the Straw Hat Pirates. Only the 3 admirals and the Grand Admiral are allowed to do this. 5 Vice Admirals from the Navy Headquarters with 10 warships would have been such an opponent for the Straw Hats. Such a force would be no match for the small crew. The CP 9 set two conditions for their cooperation. One was that the assassination would be blamed on the Straw Hats, and that she herself would be turned over to the government afterwards. If she hadn’t gone along with it, the Buster Call would have been executed. The Straw Hat Pirates has become her new home and they are the friends she wants to protect. Her wish is to guarantee that the Straw Hat Pirates can leave the island safely. For that, she accepts the destruction of the world.

Present: Iceberg finishes his narration. Nami is overjoyed because it means Robin didn’t cheat on her. She quickly runs to tell the other Straw Hats. Luffy and Zoro are far from defeated. Only the insecurity around Robin has paralyzed them so far, but when they know they can save Robin, they become incredibly strong. The first thing Chopper does is wake them up rudely.

Flashback: Chopper and Sanji have just learned from Robin that they will never see each other again. Chopper is told to go to Luffy and tell him everything. Sanji himself continues on his own. Dejected, Chopper asks him if Robin doesn’t like them anymore. Sanji replies to him, it’s a man’s job to forgive a woman’s lies. Present, Blue Station: an announcement is made that the last train to Enies Lobby is leaving at 11pm and due to high water, boarding is on the 1st floor. Robin is escorted to the train by Corgi and is seen by Sanji, who is standing by a smoking pillar.

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