One Piece Chapter 357


Color Spread. Caption: ‘The Straw Hat Pirates in Water 7.
The crew sits on a couch, Luffy on the back, Chopper standing behind the couch. A giraffe lies in the background. Nami is reading a book about giraffes, Usopp is aiming a gun. Zoro and Sanji sit around casually while Robin sips on a glass.


Water 7 eight years ago, trial: Tom knows the government will blame them for the attack on the Justice ship. Tom takes revenge on Spandam for Franky and knocks him out. He is immediately shot with stun bullets by the marines. He goes down on his knees. Spandam orders him arrested and then transferred to Enie’s lobby. The onlookers advise Tom and want him sentenced. Tom addresses the judge and confesses his guilt in attacking the Justice ship. He asks that if he can erase one debt by building the sea train, it should be today’s. However, the charge of aiding and abetting the pirate king 14 years ago would still be on him then. Loudly he calls to be proud to have helped Roger with the construction of the Oro Jackson.

Once again he absolves Franky of any blame. Water 7 has come alive in the last 14 years, which is what’s happening to him now, Tom, his dream of helping the city along is on its way to fruition. He breaks down and hopes Iceburg and Franky will take good care of the blueprint. Spandam orders the assassins removed, but the judge changes the charges. The two apprentices are acquitted and Tom is transferred to Enies Lobby for building the Oro Jackson. Kokoro is with Franky and Iceburg, she wants to stop them both from doing anything against the arrest. Tom has sacrificed himself for them both. No prisoner has ever returned from the prison island of Enies Lobby. They all three cry over the loss. Franky can’t accept it. He smashes Spandam’s face with the butt of a rifle. He wounds several more soldiers before disappearing.

The sea train with Tom on board has left and is heading for Enie’s lobby. Spandam, who has been patched up, writhes and curses Cutty Framm. The latter is suddenly standing on the tracks in front of the train armed with a bazooka. Yokuzuna is also there, but is told to stay out of it. The lake train is supposed to keep going and run him over. Franky tells Puffing Tom to stop and shoots at the train, but it doesn’t stop him. Franky throws the gun away and tries to stop the train with his hands. In tears, he decides not to build any more ships because they are responsible for Tom’s conviction. But one day he wants to build his dream ship, one that will sail to the end of the world into the unknown.

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