One Piece Chapter 356


Robin is sitting on an ostrich in the savannah. He wears a cap with the inscription ‘Taxi’. On his neck hangs a sign: ‘Wait until the noon’.


Water 7 eight years ago: The Justice Ship continues to be bombarded by Battle Franky ships. Desperate, those still on the ship flee. The mast breaks and topples over. Piloted by agents of Cipher Pol No. 5 on orders from their leader, Spandam, the Battle Frankys are in full flight. Franky runs to get to the ships. Tom and Iceburg are also on their way to stop the attackers when the ships return to Scrap Island. Both jump into the water and swim towards them. The agents notice them and abandon the ships. Once there, Tom and Iceburg find no one left. Other Battle Frankys target them, and despite a warning from Tom, they are unable to escape the fire. Franky reaches Scrap Island to find only his ships completely destroyed and Tom and Iceburg lying injured on the ground. Tom has been pierced by a harpoon designed to be impossible to pull out. Iceburg struggles to his feet and immediately knocks Franky to the ground.

Iceburg accuses him of being responsible for the attack. It was his ships that were used by the agents and even if he didn’t mean to, guns hurt people. They’ll blame the attack on the Justice ship on Tom to get the blueprints for Pluton. Iceburg will never forgive Franky if Tom is convicted. Tom interferes and doesn’t blame Franky for what happened. Franky apologizes to Tom who is still lying down. Onlookers from the town and the CP 5 appear at the same time. Tom, Iceburg and Franky are arrested and taken to town.

They are being tried in a square. The judge is also present. Already confident of victory, Spandam is now looking forward to getting the blueprint. The judge first praises the construction of the sea train with which the debt for aiding and abetting the pirate king Gold Roger would have been paid off. He wants to know why they attacked the Justice ship. Franky angrily accuses Spandam and his agents. However, he only gets laughter. Spandam calmly replies that they arrested the attackers in the act and that the ships were built by him, Cutty Framm. Franky disowns his own ships for causing suffering. Tom suddenly bursts his handcuffs and knocks Franky to the ground. The soldiers aim their rifles at Tom. He pulls the spear from his body and tells Franky that a ship is neither good nor evil. A shipbuilder must love his ships no matter what they cause when they are finished, the ship is innocent and a man should just be proud of his ships. He tells Franky and Iceburg to back off.

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