One Piece Chapter 355


Usopp takes aim with a bow. Behind him is a dog, bow and arrow on his back, watching Usopp. They are in a snowy landscape with fir trees and mountains in the background.


Water 7 eight years ago: Tom completed the completion of the lake train within the probation period. The remaining three tracks were built over the next four years. Goods come in on the lake train from the other islands. For example, iron is delivered from San Faldo and lumber from St. Poplar. Many complain about the high prices, but since they need the goods, they cannot bargain. Iceburg tells Tom that business is bad and people are complaining. However, Tom tells him there is a zest for life in the town again. Successes take time and a man should just be proud of his work.

Spandam, head of Cipher Pol #5, wants to see Tom, but as he introduces himself, he is hit by a cannonball. Franky comes running up and apologizes. The shot was only supposed to be a salute, because he took out a sea king with Super Battle Franky No. 35, which is over 100 yards long. Iceburg is furious and wants to destroy the ship because Franky isn’t supposed to build warships. They are too dangerous, but since he doesn’t attack people, Franky doesn’t see that there is any danger. Spandam is up again. He and four of his agents go with Tom to the warehouse. Spandam wants the blueprint for Pluton from Tom, but he laughingly denies having such a thing. Spandam threatens to put him on trial for building the Oro Jackson for Gold Roger if he doesn’t cooperate. Tom enlightens him that the government knows about it and throws him out, telling him to find out for himself why he’s not under arrest.

Water 7, Bar: The bartender explains the situation to Spandam, that Tom has paid off the debt by building the lake train. He is to be acquitted in three days. Spandam recalls how he was tasked by the Five Elders to find Pluton’s blueprints. Spandam auditioned with them, he tells them his concern that pirates might find the blueprint. If that happens, the World Government would be powerless. Therefore, they should find the Ancient Weapon themselves and use it in the service of justice to end the pirate era. He gets permission to search for the blueprints, after which the Five Elders want to decide on their use. Back in Water 7. Spandam wants to prevent Tom’s acquittal at all costs and orders five more agents to Water 7.

Warehouse under the bridge: Tom calls Franky and Iceburg over and gives them the blueprint of Pluton. It is, to him, the most terrifying ship ever built. Now that the government is after it, the blueprint is no longer safe with him. He gives them both free reign on what they do with it, but his concern is Nico Robin. He shows them the schematic.

3 days later: The trial takes place that day. Franky goes shopping in town while Iceburg and Tom are still asleep. No one is nervous. The Justice ship pulls into Water 7. The judge has already been on the sea train and wants Tom’s sentence waived. Fourteen years have passed since the first trial. The deck suddenly explodes in front of Franky, who is walking by. More explosions follow, from the sea an armada of Battle Franky ships shoot at the Justice ship. People flee, carrying the injured. Franky can’t understand why his ships are doing the attacking. Iceberg and Tom also witnessed the attack and know that Franky is not behind it. They decide to stop the attackers. Spandam follows everything from a safe distance with binoculars and laughs to himself.

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