One Piece Chapter 353


Zoro is diving in the deep sea. He has a sword in his hand and receives light from a lantern fish.


Water 7, warehouse under the bridge: The warehouse is the former headquarters of Tom’s Workers. Tom, Iceburg and Cutty Framm used to build ships here. Franky confronts the CP 9 agents and demands they leave. Lucci wants Pluton’s blueprint first, though, but Franky tells him there isn’t one here. Lucci crushes Franky’s former writing desk and Kalifa ties Franky up with her iron whip. Lucci talks to him. Eight years ago, Cutty Framm committed a crime just like Tom. Franky vehemently disagrees that Tom was a criminal. Lucci kicks him to the ground and asks him if he knows where criminals are taken. Franky shouts loudly they have no idea about the city.

Flashback Water 7 22 years ago: Cutty Framm (Franky) is twelve years old and is being chased by a sea beast in a small gunboat. The cannon shots have no effect and in the end his ship is destroyed and he ends up in a ship graveyard. Iceberg, age 16, appears and grumbles at him that he will eventually kill himself this way. He should do his job and cut out the shenanigans. To Franky, though, the warships are his treasures. With his next one, he wants to defeat a sea king. Iceburg thinks it’s the best idea to destroy the ships before they hurt anyone.

Boss of the shipyard ‘Toms Workers’ Tom: Tom throws a huge battleship into the air with one hand and then throws the masts after it, all of which hit their intended holes exactly. Tom’s motto is that a man must take pride in his work. Tom’s pet is Yokuzuna. On Water 7’s Scrap Island is Tom’s Workers’ ancestral home, the warehouse under the bridge. Tom and Yokuzuna sit at the table with Franky and Iceburg. Iceburg complains to Tom that Franky only builds guns, but Tom just laughs. Kokoro, the company secretary, brings more food. She tells of another ship captured by pirates. Since the execution of the pirate king, there are too many pirates. Because of them and Aqua Laguna, they can’t get lumber or iron from outside, and the shipyards are fighting over what few customers there are. The city is near the end and in danger of falling apart. With his mouth full, Franky says Tom once built a great pirate ship and wants the blueprint. Again Tom laughs. He explains to Franky that there is no blueprint for a pirate ship, if it hoists a Jolly Roger, it becomes one. If it hoists a seagull, it becomes a navy ship. Whatever he builds, he should be proud of his work.

At night Tom sits at his writing desk drawing plans, Franky wants to know what it is. Tom tells him it’s hope for Water 7. It will flourish again with his invention. A government justice ship pulls into port. Tom is arrested and taken onto the ship. A naval officer announces that Tom built the pirate ship Oro Jackson for Gold Roger. This was aiding and abetting the self-proclaimed pirate king. Tom is found guilty and sentenced to the death penalty in Enie’s lobby.

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