One Piece Chapter 351


Nami is styling a dog with a comb. Behind her are already two ready coiffed dogs, which look quite shocked.


Water 7, warehouse under the bridge: Franky and Usopp come face to face. Franky wants to dismantle the The Going Merry, but Usopp wants to protect his ship at all costs. Franky tells him it’s not a ship anymore. If Usopp wants to go down with her, it’s his business, but the Lamb will never make it to East Blue. A ship is a means of transportation, if it can no longer do that job, it’s no longer a ship. Franky jumps on the Lamb and rips out wooden planks. Enraged, Usopp shoots his slingshot at Franky, who grabs Usopp, throws him into the air, and slams him into the water from there. He’s told to watch it for himself if he doesn’t believe him. In the water, Usopp sees the makeshift broken keel. Resurfacing, he takes the ripped out plank and nails it back down. He is convinced that he can repair the Lamb. Franky’s jaw drops. The keel is broken, the outer planks slipped and so is the ship’s skeleton, the slightest wave can capsize the ship. Enraged, Usopp throws nails and hammers to the floor.

He knows all this, at first he thought it was a dream after surveying Company Galley-La. He tells about the night on Skypiea when he heard hammering from the ship and saw a person in the mist who told him that he will wear the straw hats for a while. The next day, the ship was repaired. Usopp is convinced he saw the embodiment of the Going Merry. Franky enlightens him that he must have seen a Klabautermann, a figure from sailor legends who carries a hammer and a raincoat. He only appears in ships that are being cared for and alerts the crew in emergencies. Franky hears for the first time that someone has seen him too. The ship wanted to thank the crew and get them safely to the next island. The doorbell rings, the CP9 agents are outside the warehouse.

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