One Piece Chapter 350


Sanji sits smoking on a parapet and plays the guitar. Behind him, a humpback whale emerges from the sea.


Water 7: The Galley-La Company’s main house is on fire and the workmen are trying to put it out. Grandma Kokoro watches the action from a safe distance on the roof of Blueno’s bar with Chimney and Gonbe. She knows about Pluton’s construction plan and hopes Iceberg is okay.

Agents of Cipher Pol #9 jump across the rooftops of the city in search of Franky. Blueno reports Franky was at his bar, but left it to find the Straw Hat. They notice Zambai and some others from the Franky Family calling loudly for the Straw Hat to come to the warehouse under the bridge if Long Nose is not to die. Lucci approaches them disguised in a mask. He wants to know where the warehouse is located. If they don’t answer him, he will kill them.

North-east coast, bridge before the garbage plant, warehouse under the bridge: Franky has his secret base here. Usopp and the Going Merry are also there. Franky has just heard the story about the breakup and is crying over the sad fate. He wants to write a song about it called ‘the altercation’. However, the 200 million berry he stole from him has already been spent, but Usopp takes it in stride since he can’t change it anyway. Franky offers to join him as a shipwright, Usopp declines because he’s still a pirate despite being separated from the Straw Hat Pirates. Aqua Laguna has already reached the city, and the alleys are already flooded. Usually the entire 1st floor is flooded, but they are safe in the warehouse. Once, Water 7 stood entirely on dry ground. But the earth is subsiding and pathways are becoming canals. Eventually, the town will be completely submerged. But the sea train gives the inhabitants the possibility to leave the island at any time, thanks to the great shipwright Tom.

Lucci got his answers from Zambai and took them all out. CP 9 makes its way to the warehouse. There, Franky wants to know what Usopp plans to do with the The Going Merry. He wants to go back to East Blue. While he hasn’t traveled around the world, he has at least spent some time on the Grand Line. He’ll never get to the East Blue though, Franky checked the ship out when he pulled it up and agrees with Galley-La’s assessment. He wants to dismantle the ship. Usopp pulls out his slingshot and gets ready to fight.

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