One Piece Chapter 349


Luffy tries to make a vase, but the result is a misshapen bowl. He is pleased nonetheless. Next to him sits a warthog with a perfectly designed vase.


Water 7, Company Galley-La Main House: Fire has broken out on the first floor. Unable to put out the fire, the workmen decide to flee. But before they do, they want to save Iceburg. In Iceburg’s bedroom, Lucci has transformed, also possessing devil powers. He has eaten the cat fruit, model Leopard. Chopper warns everyone that the devil power users of carnivorous animals act particularly brutally. Natural bodily functions are only enhanced with animal devil powers, and they develop the greatest strength in close combat. Lucci notices the tradesmen running up in search of Iceburg. With a storm kick, he brings the building down, except for the bedroom area. Nami is unable to escape the collapsing ceiling, Chopper sacrifices himself and pushes her out of harm’s way, but is buried himself.

Paulie runs to Iceburg, shoulders him and tries to escape with him. Lucci and the rest of the CP 9 agents get in his way. Paulie still can’t believe that his old friends are now supposed to be his enemies. When Lucci tries to prove it by killing him, he is stopped by Luffy with a punch to the face. Lucci lunges with his hand and runs Luffy through with his finger gun. He grabs Luffy’s head and flings him through the wall away from the action. Zoro attacks Lucci, but he is able to stop the sword slash with the iron armor. Zoro is also thrown out of the Galley-La House with a kick and hits the ocean in front of Water 7.

The workmen of the Galley-La are standing in front of the building which is on fire. They all managed to escape outside, but they were unable to save Iceburg. However, since they suspect the master craftsmen Lucci, Kaku and Paulie are with him, he will probably be fine. Nami falls out of the building unconscious and is captured by the craftsmen. Paulie and Iceburg sit tied up in the burning building. The CP9 agents watch the sea of flames from outside. With the fire, all evidence disappears and the Straw Hat Pirates is blamed for the attack. Even though Lucci acknowledges Iceburg’s accomplishments as a shipbuilder and mayor, a civilian should never have defended the world government. They make their way to Tom’s second apprentice, Franky, who used to call himself Cutty Framm.

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