One Piece Chapter 348


Gedatsu’s Accidental Blue Sea Life, Part 31: Come over to Bad Ukkari.
Goro and Gedatsu are standing in front of an illustration of Bad Ukkari. Gedatsu has a shocked face while Goro laughs. Both of them have pickaxes shouldered.


Water 7, Iceberg’s bedroom: The fire was started on the first floor. CP 9 wants to pin the blame for the attack on the Straw Hat Pirates. Robin is about to leave while the agents take care of the Straw Hats. Luffy disagrees and wants to stop them. Blueno gets in his way. The iron armor means that Luffy’s kick doesn’t bother him. He dodges the gum-gum gatling with origami. Enraged, Luffy strikes with the Gomu Gomu no Bullet, but Blueno easily avoids the attack with Shave and reappears behind Luffy. Again he tries to hit him, this time Blueno dodges upwards with the Geppou. Kaku and Kalifa kick Luffy with hurricane kicks. Zoro notices a cutting gust of wind from the attack and immediately warns Chopper and Nami to duck. Shortly after, the wall behind them is cut through.

By kicking quickly, the CP9 is able to cause cutting wind. Zoro charges towards the two. Kaku reacts quickly and stops Zoro’s sword strike with his own. Zoro wants to know if the Going Merry’s appraisal was also wrong, but Kaku disappoints him, it was done correctly. A sword fight breaks out between the two. Robin stands in front of the window and is about to leave. Zoro calls out to Luffy to take care of Robin, but neglects his guard, which Kaku takes advantage of and hits him with a finger gun. Zoro goes down injured. Lucci holds Luffy by the head and doesn’t let go despite many blows coming down on him. He orders Robin to leave, who jumps out the window.

When she’s gone, Luffy is thrown up against the wall by Lucci. The CP 9 are trained as children to overcome their limitations and serve the government. They have acquired six body arts, Rokushiki. The Straw Hats’ power cannot compete with them. Kalifa tells Lucci the detonators are activated so they must hurry. He has another surprise for the Straw Hats and mutates into a large shadowy figure.

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