One Piece Chapter 347


Gedatsu’s Accidental Blue Sea Life, Part 31: Gedatsu as the guardian of the public bath. Gedatsu stands in front of a wall with his mouth wide open and his face shocked.


Water 7, Iceberg’s bedroom: Luffy with Paulie and Zoro with Nami and Chopper have each smashed the wall and are now facing the CP 9 agents. They want to get Robin back. Iceberg is lying on the floor, badly injured. Paulie has to realize that his old work colleagues Kalifa, Lucci and Kaku were the attackers on Iceburg. Lucci tells him they are agents of the world government, when he can’t believe it, Lucci offers to kick Iceburg for proof. Paulie recognizes Lucci’s voice as that of the person in the cow mask. He immediately attacks him with Pipe Hitch Knives, a rope spiked with knives. Lucci quickly dodges, suddenly stands in front of Paulie and drills a hole in his chest with a finger gun. They have trained themselves a fighting technique that allows them to exceed human limits. Rokushiki made their bodies 100 times stronger.

Paulie remembers past events with his old friends, who now want to kill him. Lucci is about to finish him off when Luffy tries to stop him with a kick. Lucci fends him off with his hand and the following gum-gum gatling he is able to parry through the iron armor. With shaving, Lucci disappears and uses the finger gun on Luffy. He is unharmed by his rubber body, but is thrown away by the force of the attack. He stretches his arm and pulls Paulie out of Lucci’s reach. He has promised him to defeat the assassins together. Luffy now wants to know from Robin why she wants to leave the gang.

She wants to fulfill a wish that can never come true if she stays with the Straw Hat Pirates. She will make any sacrifice necessary to do so. Iceberg yells at her if she even knows what she’s up to. Robin sprouts arms from the ground and covers his mouth. She’s not going to let anyone stop her. Lucci ends the call because they have to find one other person and in two minutes the mansion will be on fire. They want to finish off the Straw Hats quickly before then. Luffy disagrees with Robin’s decision and they get ready for battle.

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