One Piece Chapter 346


Gedatsu’s Accidental Blueberry Life, Part 30: He Became a Pusher at the Blueberry Shop
Gedatsu stands behind a counter with a cash register on it. Behind him is a cabinet with drinks.


Water 7, Galley-La Company, Ground Floor: The floor is littered with defeated craftsmen who were assigned as guards. Zoro only defeated them all with the back of his sword, which is why Nami and Chopper shouldn’t worry about them. They continue to run upstairs. Luffy was able to wriggle out of all ten iron rings, but only because he’s made of rubber. He also frees Paulie, who wants to fight him.

Iceberg’s bedroom: Rob Lucci begins to tell how they worked for five years as carpenters at the Galley-La company. They have always done the work thoroughly, but they can no longer work on this job and will do anything to be able to complete it. The Cipher Pol consists of the known CP 1 through CP 8, who have their bases scattered all over the world. They gather information for the world government. However, they themselves are Cipher Pol #9, the organization that does not exist. They are not allowed to show their faces because a special permit allows them to kill uncooperative citizens in the name of justice on behalf of the government. For Iceburg, it remains criminal because murder knows no excuse. Lucci tells him the government has changed its mind. With the help of Pluton’s power, they want to put an end to the pirate era. Since Iceburg wouldn’t cooperate, he doesn’t seem to want to help the people who are suffering from pirates.

But Iceburg fears people will fight over the gun, causing more damage. After he calls Lucci ‘little guy’, Lucci kicks him in the face. Kaku is told to take his pulse and Iceburg is told to just listen, his pulse will tell them the truth. He begins to explain that Iceburg assumed a government assassin, but if the assassin only wanted to kill him, the blueprint would no longer have an owner and could not be passed on. If he didn’t pass on the real plan that night, he must have done so before. But they couldn’t find out anything in five years. The heir must be an excellent shipwright, and there are three names on the forgery: Tom, Iceberg, and Cutty Framm, Tom’s Workers.

To a stranger, the names would have meant nothing, but to them, having spent years working and researching under Iceberg, they mean something. Tom’s Workers is the company of the legendary shipwright Tom, of which no list of names exists. Only with difficulty did they find out that Iceburg was Tom’s apprentice. But there was a second apprentice, but he is said to have died eight years ago, which was confirmed by a government official. Lucci, however, remembers the name Cutty Framm, who visited Iceburg four years ago and said that name only once. He now goes by Franky. Iceberg’s pulse confirms Lucci’s suspicions. Franky possesses Pluton’s blueprint. Nami, Chopper and Zoro run towards the door of Iceburg’s bedroom. Luffy broke down a wrong door first, Paulie shows him the right way. From both sides, the Straw Hats and Paulie break into the bedroom. They want to free Robin.

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