One Piece Chapter 345


Gedatsu’s Accidental Blue Sea Life, Part 29: In the Women’s Bathroom
Vivi, Terracotta and the Kung Fu seals are in the same bathroom, but separated from the men. In the background you can see a pavilion of sorts with a sign attached to it that reads: ‘UKKARI’.


Water 7, Iceburg’s office: Paulie lies bleeding on the floor. The two masked men are upset about the fake plans. Paulie taunts them for not succeeding in their mission. They want to kill him for knowing too much, when suddenly Luffy is stuck in the wall and trapped again. The masked men ask if he, Straw Hat Luffy, will take the blame. Luffy, through their masks, thinks they’ve kidnapped Robin and demands her back. With a storm kick, one of the masked men goes to hit Luffy, who manages to get out of the wall at the last moment. The wall itself is ripped open by the storm kick. Luffy is distracted and pays no attention to the other masked man, who knocks him to the ground with a kick from behind. With ten iron horseshoes pointed at the ends, Luffy and Paulie are pinned to the ground. They don’t have time to fight. Over the assassins’ Den-den Mushis, someone announces that everyone should get to the bedroom immediately and not kill Iceburg yet. In the courtyard, the masked woman fights Peepley Lulu with the iron whip, which she quickly takes out with a punch to the stomach and jumps up the wall.

Paulie and Luffy can’t move. Paulie apologizes for suspecting the Straw Hat Pirates, but Luffy just says it’s okay. He’s always wanted anyway, now he just wants his comrade-in-arms, who was kidnapped by the assassins, back. Paulie asks if he can defeat them, to which Luffy says yes, he will be victorious. Paulie wants to join him, as he will not accept his master Iceburg being killed by these people. Iceburg taught him carpentry. They both scream loudly for someone to free them.

Iceburg’s bedroom: Outside the door someone picks up Lucci’s hat from the floor. The four masked people and Nico Robin are in the room with Iceburg. The dove Hattori lands on top of a masked person. All four take off their masks and Iceburg is shocked. They are former carpenters Rob Lucci, Kaku Zugluft, his secretary Kalifa and bar owner Blueno. They accuse Iceburg of not listening to the World Government and thus provoking the attack himself. They would have liked to get out of town without hurting him, but he is as stubborn as his master. All four of them belong to the World Government’s spy organization, Cipher Pol No. 9. They want Pluton’s blueprint or more people will die.

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