One Piece Chapter 343


Gedatsu’s Accidental Blue Sea Life, Part 27: The Princess Has Arrived
Pell, Karoo, Vivi, Chaka and Igaram are standing in front of Gedatsu, who is sitting elevated in front of a pillar.


Water 7, Galley-La Main House: Nico Robin and her masked companion are surrounded by guards and have their backs to the wall. Without much discussion, the guards fire on the two. A black cloak covers them moments before and when the cloak falls to the ground, both are gone. On the rooftop, the guards fight another masked man, who hurts many with her iron whip. With a saw, a guard tries to hit her, but she seemingly jumps off the roof, but Geppous back onto the roof and defeats the guards with her whip. She jumps into the courtyard.

Iceburg’s office: Paulie wants to know who the two masked men are. They introduce themselves as the secret organization Cipher Pol No. 9. The guards along the way have killed them, blood dripping from one of the masked man’s hands. Once again, he demands the papers from Paulie and announces he will kill him for learning about it. Nico Robin and her accomplice stand in front of a wall. He stands in front of it and asks Robin to push him. Like a door, it flips aside and there is a hole in the wall that leads to Iceburg’s bedroom. They close the unfolded piece of wall again after entering the room. Iceburg had been expecting them, though not this way. The masked man explains he ate of the hinged door fruit, which allows him to make doors appear anywhere. He pulls out a gun and shoots Iceburg in the shoulder. To eliminate any impredictability, they have to weaken him since he was still doing too well. Iceburg recognizes the CP 9 behind the attacks, which the masked man confirms, and thus the innocence of the Straw Hats. Iceburg can’t die yet until they know where the blueprint of the ship is. But if his life is in danger, he will pass it on. For this task, he has chosen Paulie, who is currently being visited by the CP 9 staff. The masked man carries Nico Robin to kill Iceburg once the other two have the blueprint. He himself wants to take care of the workmen outside the door.

Nami, Chopper and Zoro run to the main house, annoyed at Luffy who had simply disappeared. They think about how Luffy would act. Since he always has his head through the wall, he will have entered through the main entrance and be chased by the guards. That would mean that if they enter through the main entrance themselves now, he would have to be unguarded. It is their opportunity and so they jump over the wall from the building. Outside the main entrance, the entire guard force is still standing. Luffy is stuck in the gap between two buildings and can’t get out.

On the 2nd floor, all the workmen have been defeated. Tilestone returns to find only Nico Robin’s companion sitting outside the door to Iceburg’s bedroom. Kaku and Lucci lie defeated beside him. He still holds the Den-den Mushi in his hand and waits for the sign.

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