One Piece Chapter 342


Gedatsu’s Accidental Blue Sea Life, Part 26: Scissors as an Underground Tourist Bus
The moving crab Hasami carries a superstructure, in which many people are. Furthermore, there is a big lamp in the front (to see better in the tunnel). Furthermore, Hasami now has a “tattoo”, UKKARI is now written below his eyes.


Water 7: Franky runs through the alleys and calls loudly for Straw Hat. Kiwi and Mozz have to run sideways due to the strong wind. They run into the rest of the Franky Family. They are still hurt and ask if Franky has smashed the Straw Hats yet because Long Nose is fixing the The Going Merry by himself. Franky is gleefully excited that they found one of the Straw Hats. He wants to kidnap Usopp and have the Franky Family run through the alleys shouting loudly:
‘We’ve got Long Nose, if you don’t want him to drown, come to the attic under the bridge.’

Mayor’s Mansion: The Galley-La staff is still standing guard outside the building and Luffy, Nami, Zoro and Chopper are watching the scene tensely. They must capture Robin this night or they’ll miss their chance to ever see her again. Meanwhile, Iceburg asks Kalifa to get out of the room and send Paulie in. She tells him and goes to the secretary’s office. Paulie has a conversation with Iceburg and is told to do a dangerous assignment. Paulie agrees to the assignment and walks back out. He tells Tilestone, Lucci, Kaku, and Peepley Lulu that he has something to do. He goes straight to Iceburg’s office and goes to the safe under the desk. Iceburg gave him the number.

The woman on the roof next to the Galley-La building turns out to be Nico Robin, and next to her is a person wearing a panda mask and holding a Den-den Mushi. Someone gives them through to start, she will distract the guards while the four do their tasks. An explosion rocks the ground floor at the north corner of the Galley-La building. The guards are alarmed, but cannot make out an attacker. Tilestone and Peepley Lulu hear a shadow has appeared and rush off, leaving only Lucci and Kaku guarding Iceburg’s room now. A masked person is fighting the guards outside. She has some sort of barbed wire whip that she uses to climb onto the roof. But there are guards posted here as well.

Nico Robin and the masked panda have also been spotted on the premises and are surrounded. He asks Robin if she has the layout in her head, to which she replies in the affirmative. Meanwhile, Luffy has simply disappeared. Paulie has taken documents from the safe when two people, also masked, enter the room and demand the documents from Paulie.

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