One Piece Chapter 340


Gedatsu’s Accidental Blue Sea Life, Part 24: The Forest Squeezer as Builder
Goro, Koza, Toto, and Karoo are walking towards a large building that has many characters that match Gedatsu’s hair shape. The latter stands with his back to them and looks in the direction of the mole. Strange figures dance in front of the building, who are obviously the forest pusher’s subordinates.


Water 7: Carrying Nami, Luffy jumps from a tall building to the ground. Once at the bottom, she beats him up for not being the carpenter. The sky darkens and they head back to the hotel. In town, it is announced over the loudspeaker that due to the storm warning, all docks will be opened as shelters except for Dock #1, which is deemed unsafe due to Franky’s destruction. Residents prepare for Aqua Laguna, securing their homes against incoming water before moving to higher ground.

Water 7, Blue Station: The Puffing Tom will be departing shortly at 1pm for St. Poplar. All passengers will be checked before boarding the lake train, and the wearing of masks is prohibited on this day. The reason is to search for the Straw Hat Pirates. Zoro, meanwhile, sits hidden among crates reading a newspaper where he learns the reason for the pursuit. At the hotel, there are Galley-La employees who ask the innkeeper about the gang. Since their luggage is still there, he suspects they will return.

Water 7 Cape, The Going Merry: Galley-Las are also on the Lamb, searching everything. Since the ship is broken, they assume Straw Hat has abandoned it and they continue searching elsewhere. Usopp is hiding on land with a loaded slingshot. He doesn’t know about the commotion in the city. Sanji reads a schedule of the sea train. There is a train leaving for Enie’s lobby at noon and 11pm that evening, and he wonders if Robin got on the train. Chopper wants to know if he upset Robin in the library, which Sanji quickly talks him out of. Using the wanted poster from the newspaper, they ask passersby if they’ve seen Zoro, Luffy, or Robin. But none of them can answer them, because otherwise they would have reported the three to the Galley-Las long ago. They both continue walking along a canal when Chopper notices a smell.

On the other side of the channel is Robin. Sanji is glad to have found her and wants to come over to her, but Robin stops him. She will not be returning to the Straw Hat Pirates. Sanji thinks she wants to break up with them because of the rumors in the paper. However, Robin admits to actually being responsible for the assassination of Iceburg. She has a dark side to her that they don’t know about and will eventually destroy her. She wants to blame the assassination on the Straw Hats and it will get worse. This is the last time they will see each other. She still thanks everyone for being nice to her despite everything. She leaves, Sanji tries to stop her and swims through the channel, but he can’t find her. He tells Chopper to go to Luffy and tell him everything Robin told them. He himself wants to continue on his own.

In the city, guards have found Nami, Luffy, and Zoro on a roof, but have lost their trail again. Luffy is hanging under a bridge with the two of them on his belly, but can’t hold on much longer. Suddenly, Chopper leans down from above and looks at them. Luffy is startled and falls into the water. All four of them are later sitting on a rooftop listening to Chopper’s report. Luffy doesn’t want to believe that Robin really acted that way. Zoro notes Robin was their enemy from the beginning, yet she was taken in. Now is the time to decide if she is an enemy or a comrade-in-arms.

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