One Piece Chapter 339


Gedatsu’s Accidental Blueberry Life, Part 23: In Search of the Hot Spring.
Karoo is suddenly standing with Goro, Koza and Toto. Most likely, he is in search of a hot spring. Gedatsu has his back to them. In the background, you can see the head oppressor, who is posing with Victory signs.


Water 7: Luffy and Nami are sitting on a rooftop after escaping from the Galley-Las. Nami thinks the climate of the island is worrisome. The strong winds and falling air pressure suggest a typhoon will reach the city this night. The soil structure puts the town at risk of flooding. Outside the building across from them, journalists are crowding the entrance wanting to get inside. Since the building is connected to dock #1, Nami suspects there is iceberg in it. Luffy still wants to meet him and know why he accused Robin of carrying out the hit on him. Nami advises caution, but Luffy simply stretches his arms and flings himself toward the building. He breaks in through a window and is immediately noticed. The Galley-La staff present open hunt for him. He is located between floors 1 and 2. The carpenters are still in town, where they post the employees to catch the Straw Hat Pirates.

Iceburg’s room: Kalifa apologizes for the noise to Iceburg, who is lying in his bed with a doctor. He makes a request to Kalifa. Luffy continues to run through the building followed by the guards as Kalifa calls him over. The guards arrive at the door to Iceburg’s room, in front of which Kalifa stands and asks them to be quiet. Inside the room, Luffy stands in front of Iceburg. He wants to know the truth. Iceburg tells him he saw Nico Robin with his own eyes last night. Luffy wants to know if it was really her, Iceburg pulls out a gun and ends the discussion. He wants to see Nico Robin and wants Luffy to bring her to him. But he can’t because he doesn’t know where she is. A shot is fired and the guards rush into the room, but find only Iceburg. Luffy is back with Nami on the roof. He doesn’t believe Iceburg’s story and trusts Robin.

Center Water 7, Blueno’s Bar: Franky enters the bar with the Mozu and Kiwi and is greeted by Blueno cleaning glasses. Franky wants to get three bottles filled with Coke from his belly, but has no money with him. However, they still have a million berry change from yesterday. Surprised by all the change, Franky invites everyone to the bar, which seems to happen more often. Franky sits down at the counter and only now notices Grandma Kokoro, who he seems to know. Chimney asks if she can have another glass of juice. Blueno returns the three bottles filled with Coke. Franky puts them in his belly compartment and gets his energy back, his hair pointing up. He asks Kokoro what she is doing here anyway. Aqua Laguna is coming, so she had to take shelter in the city. She asks if he’s prepared his house, but since it’s destroyed, he has no worries either. Kokoro was supposed to have a drink with Iceburg, but he got shot, by the pirates like Franky suspects. Kokoro doesn’t believe that because the World Government was after Iceburg. Franky doesn’t think Corgi, the emissary in Water 7, is a killer, but Kokoro thinks it was the CP9, a secret force.

Warehouse in a gloomy alley: Two people are sitting at a table, a third is standing. The person sitting in the shadows talks to Nico Robin that yesterday’s mission was successful, although Robin is now wanted by everyone. This night they plan to invade the house once more and destroy all evidence. Iceburg is said to be the only successor to Tom, the former owner. In the name of the CP9, they plan to capture it this night. Robin should not forget that it is a service to justice.

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