One Piece Chapter 337


Gedatsu’s accidental blueberry life, part 21: Dug through and came out in an oasis.
In the foreground, Koza and a stranger are walking. The latter turns around, startled. In the center of the picture is the head oppressor, in whose helmet are Gedatsu and Goro. In the background you can see the houses typical for Arabasta.


Water 7, Dock #1: Luffy and Franky have been interrupted in their fight by the carpenters of Dock #1. They want to pin Luffy down for attacking Iceburg. Luffy has read about the attack and wants to know how Iceburg is doing, prompting Paulie to attack him for playing innocent.

Luffy vs Galley-La: Using the Rope Action! Half Knot Air Drive, he laces up Luffy’s neck with a rope and slams him against debris. Franky is pissed off that the Galley-Las are interfering in his fight, but they pay him no mind. Luffy gets back up, thinking he has no reason to fight them, but Peepley Lulu, without hesitation, fires his two guns. Using his gum-gum power, Luffy is able to fling the bullets back. Peepley Lulu is already on him and kicks him to the ground. Franky loses his patience and shoots at the Galley-Las for not staying out of it. Kaku jumps over him and tells him they don’t have time for him. Before Franky can shoot him, Tilestone knocks him away with a log. Kaku grabs him in midair and flings him to the ground. Meanwhile, Luffy has to fight off Lucci’s punches and can barely stop them. Luffy demands him to let it go, but is knocked back to the ground by a wide punch. Luffy wants to know the reason for her attack.

Pissed off, Paulie accuses him of breaking into the Galley-La building last night and making an attempt on Iceburg’s life. Luffy asks why they would do that. Iceburg remembers two perpetrators, one was Nico Robin, who the government says is a fellow member of the Straw Hat Pirates. It doesn’t matter why they did it, the Galley-La won’t let them get away. Franky wants to know if Iceburg is dead. Since he’s not, they have to pin the Straw Hat down or he’ll try again. Kaku throws a knife at Luffy, who gets a graze wound under his left eye because he couldn’t dodge fast enough. Kaku makes it clear to him that as a pirate, he is not under the protection of the law and they can turn him in dead or alive. Luffy is aware of this, but he yells at them that they don’t know Robin. He doesn’t accept that she is a suspect and wants to talk to Iceburg. The bystanders standing nearby call for the straw hat’s arrest and detain some Nami, whom they recognize as Luffy’s accomplice. A rumor spreads throughout the town that the Straw Hat Pirates is responsible for the attempt on Iceburg’s life. They say to search the entire island. Robin stands on a rooftop reading the newspaper and hears the announcements.

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