One Piece Chapter 336


Gedatsu’s Accidental Blueberry Life, Part 20 – Keep digging, Earthpusher!
You can see the top presser digging through the earth again.


On a bridge in front of Dock 1, Franky is standing with the Mozu and Kiwi. He’s complaining to Luffy because he did a lot of things while he was away. When Franky returned, he found that not only was his entire house destroyed, but his comrades were defeated and it’s all Luffy’s fault. Franky sought him out to get revenge on him. But before he can start fighting, Nami asks him what happened to her money. To which Franky replies that he has already spent the entire 200 million berry. But Luffy doesn’t care about the money, as he also has a score to settle with Franky.

Luffy yells at Franky to come down when he suddenly spits a lot of fire, which astonishes Luffy. To his astonishment, Franky also jumps into the water afterwards. Luffy is stunned, as he assumed Franky must have eaten from a devil fruit. But when their boat is destroyed afterwards, it is clear that this is not the case. Franky can swim. The straw-hatted captain doesn’t let this upset him, however, and therefore wants to attack Franky with a gum-gum attack. However, the latter already knows about the Straw Hat Boy’s abilities and catapults him into the giant gate of Dock No. 1 with his Strong Right. Both Nami and Luffy are amazed at Franky’s technique. Therefore, he explains to them that he is a cyborg.

At Galley-La headquarters, Hattori, Lucci’s dove, discusses that Nico Robin came to the island as a member of the Straw Hat gang, and thus the Straw Hats must be behind this attack. Shortly thereafter, news is spread throughout Water 7 that the Straw Hats are responsible for the assassination attempt on Iceburg.

While Lucci, Kaku, Kalifa, Paulie and Peepley Lulu are still in Iceburg’s room, Tilestone suddenly comes rushing in. After being kicked out of the room again by Paulie for being too loud, he explains to the others that Straw Hat Luffy is currently on Dock #1 fighting Franky.

Meanwhile, Luffy and Franky destroy Dock No. 1 with their attacks. After another unsuccessful attack, Franky aims his Weapons Left at the Straw Hat Boy. However, he is able to avoid the attack and goes for a Gomu Gomu no Muchi when they are both suddenly kicked away. Behind it are the Galley-La’s ship’s carpenters. A three-way battle is brewing between the Galley-La boys, the cyborg Franky, and Luffy.

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