One Piece Chapter 334


Color Spread: The straw hats are playing with a ball. All are wearing summer clothes. In the background you can see a small school of fish, palm trees and a huge lamprey.


After the battle, Usopp has laid down on the now abandoned and empty ship. His former comrades have abandoned the ship.

The next morning, all the residents of Water 7 are just discussing what happened last night with the ship’s roomers. While one woman firmly believes that Franky must be responsible for this act, the man opposite her rather believes that it was the pirates who are constantly on the island.

A crowd has already gathered at Dock 1, wanting to know if there are any suspects yet and if the incident has anything to do with the destruction of Franky House.

Meanwhile, Chopper and Zoro are on the roof of an inn when Sanji suddenly joins them. Luffy is sitting a little away from them on a higher roof. When Chopper asks where he’s been, Sanji replies that he’s been looking for Robin, who still hasn’t shown up yet. Shortly after, Nami enters the rooftop as well. She tells Luffy that Iceburg was assassinated at his house last night. It’s the news everyone in town is talking about at the moment.

Meanwhile, in his bed sits an upset Paulie, who can’t believe what has happened to Iceburg. The other voice calms him down and tells him that Iceburg was found lying on the floor in his own blood this morning. At the moment he has not regained consciousness, but Paulie is told to come here immediately. The voice was Kaku, who explains to Peepley Lulu that he just got off the phone with Paulie. Peepley Lulu notes that if Iceburg were to die now, it would be catastrophic. Kaku agrees with him and says that there are now numerous reporters already outside Dock 1 waiting. He would also like to know who could possibly have done such a thing. Since nothing else was taken from the house, it must have been an assassination attempt. Peepley Lulu thinks that the world government could be behind it, since they have wanted something from Iceburg for quite some time, but keep getting kicked out.

Hearing about the incident from Nami, Luffy decides to go to Dock 1 immediately to check it out. Nami joins him. Meanwhile, Chopper and Sanji want to go in search of Robin, while Zoro wants to wait on the roof.

In the meantime, the sea train has arrived back at Water 7. Among others, the masked Franky and the Mozu and Kiwi get off the train.

In front of the main building of the Galley-La, numerous ship’s carpenters are waiting for a message from inside. They want to know if Iceburg is well again. The latter is being treated in his room by a doctor. Kalifa and Lucci are also in the room next to him. The doctor explains that Iceburg was shot twice in the front and three times in the back. According to the police, however, there were no signs of forced entry. The only piece of evidence recovered was a simple mask. Paulie, too, has now arrived at the main building. Still enraged, he squeezes through the numerous reporters.

While Nami and Luffy are on a Yagara Bull on their way to the Galley-La, Franky stands with the Mozu and Kiwi in front of his destroyed house. He learns from one of his members that the Straw Hats are responsible.

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