One Piece Chapter 333


Gedatsu’s Accidental Blue Sea Life, Part 18 – The Forest Squeezer Caught the Explosion
You can see Goro, Gedatsu, and the Forest Squeezer in the foreground, with the Head Squeezer still cheering in the background. The forest pusher expresses his displeasure while Gedatsu doesn’t cross his arms properly.


The smoke from the explosion slowly clears and Usopp sees that Luffy is still standing. It was clear to him from the start that defeating his former captain wasn’t going to be easy. When Luffy subsequently attacks him with the Gomu Gomu no Gatling, Usopp shoots a cactus ball at his opponent. This hits Luffy’s hand and he has to stop his attack. Right after that, Usopp shoots some more powder bullets at Luffy, but the Straw Hat Pirate manages to dodge them. He takes the chance and hits the long-nose in the face with a gum-gum gun.

Luffy tries to end the fight with a Gomu Gomu no Bazooka, but Usopp stores the energy of the attack in an Impact Dial and then gives Luffy an Impact. Usopp goes down weakened because of the attack. He is sure he has defeated Luffy with this attack. However, his opponent is still standing. With a gum-gum bullet, Luffy decides the fight for himself. Usopp is hit in the stomach by the attack and goes down defeated.

Luffy kneels down in front of Usopp and asks him if that really should have been the case, since he knew full well that he couldn’t beat Luffy. He then takes his straw hat and leaves. As he leaves, he tells Usopp that he can have the The Going Merry, since they are going to buy a new ship. He once again remembers the good times with his friend and then says goodbye.

On the Going Merry, the crying Chopper immediately wants to go to Usopp to tend to his wounds, but Sanji stops him. Chopper makes it clear to him that this wasn’t just a game, but a real fight and that Usopp, having lost, certainly doesn’t want to be pitied.

Shortly after, Luffy approaches. He notes that it was hard, but Zoro tells him that he couldn’t hesitate since he’s the captain. Who else would they believe in if he couldn’t be decisive. Nami is also still left to cry. Meanwhile, Chopper jumps off the ship and puts down some bandages for his former comrade, but immediately goes back afterwards. Zoro thinks they should gather their things, since they can never return to the Lamb.

In the last scene you can see how both Luffy and the lying on the ground Usopp have to cry.

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