One Piece Chapter 331


Gedatsu’s Accidental Blaumeer Life, Part 16 – Keep Digging!
You can see how the upper suppressor digs through the soil.


At the Galley-La headquarters, Iceburg has sent the three World Government agents away again. Corgi complains about how stubborn the man is. Shortly after, Kalifa, Iceburg’s secretary, enters the room with a cup of tea. She asks her boss what the agents always want here and why Corgi always leaves the building in a bad mood, to which Iceburg replies that the agents want something from him but he tells them he doesn’t have it.

Meanwhile, Usopp has regained consciousness on the The Going Merry. Sanji, however, is still worried about where Robin actually is. Usopp apologizes to the others for losing the money, but Luffy says that they still have the 100 million berries. Sanji thinks the most important thing is that Usopp is still alive. However, Usopp doesn’t think 100 million berries would be enough to fix the ship. However, Luffy enlightens him that he has decided to buy a new ship. While browsing through the ship catalogue, he finds that 100 million berry can buy very good ships. Usopp is horrified. He can’t believe Luffy would just give up the ship like that. The two begin to loudly argue and yell at each other, eventually having to be restrained by Sanji and Chopper.

Luffy explains to his friend that the The Going Merry is beyond repair, on the other hand he would never have made such a decision. But Usopp can’t understand, since the The Going Merry has already carried them this far. Usopp is pissed that Luffy would rather trust a shipwright and even give up their beloved ship to do so. Usopp thinks that the ship is just some object to Luffy and not a friend like it is to him. He thinks that she would make it to the next island just the same, and he would go back to doing the repairs himself. However, Luffy yells at him that he is not a shipwright. Usopp doesn’t want to give up the ship no matter what the cost. Nor does he acknowledge Luffy’s decision as captain. However, Luffy makes it clear to him that he has made a decision.

But Usopp is furious. He thinks he’s the only one who cares about their ship. This goes too far for Luffy. He throws Usopp on the ground and says he can leave the crew if he doesn’t like the decision, which is why Sanji kicks him into the wall. Sanji wants Luffy to apologize for what he said, but Usopp says it’s okay. He’s always been the weakest in the crew, so in the future he would only cause problems for the Straw Hats. He only went to sea back then because Luffy and Zoro asked him. Now that they don’t have the same views and goals as they did back then, maybe it really would be better if he left the gang.

Sanji, Chopper and Nami want Usopp to retract his decision, but he simply walks off the The Going Merry. After walking a bit, he turns around and challenges Luffy to a duel. The winner shall receive the The Going Merry.

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