One Piece Chapter 330


Gedatsu’s Accidental Blaumeer Life, Part 15 – Made the Earth Suppressor a Subject and Converted His Helmet.
You can see the Earthpressor-in-Chief, whose helmet contains a booth where Gedatsu and Goro sit.


At the Franky House, the Franky Family celebrates that they now have enough money. When one of their members wants to go into town to get some new meat and rum, he meets Luffy, Zoro, Sanji and Chopper at the door, who want revenge for what was done to their friend Usopp. Therefore, they promote the Franky Family member standing in front of him back to the others with one punch, who are visibly horrified when they recognize Straw Hat Luffy. However, they find it ridiculous that there are only four of the Straw Hats, while there are dozens of Franky Family members here in the house. They want to finish off the four of them and then get their bounties.

Immediately, Luffy is confronted by an opponent who volunteers to let him beat him. Luffy uses the Gomu Gomu no Gatling, for which he is laughed at by the other Frankys, as his opponent is wearing a hard shield around his stomach. However, the Straw Hat Boy manages to break through the shield with a subsequent Gomu Gomu no Bazooka. The remaining members of the Franky Family are stunned and now want to shoot their opponents with cannons, but Zoro is able to cut the bullets with ease. He also subsequently cuts up one of the cannons with his sword. The Frankys have to realize that their opponents are not normal and therefore want to escape through the back door, but they are prevented from doing so by Sanji and Chopper, who has taken a Rumble Ball.

Afraid of the four straw-hatted pirates, Zambai tells them that they might as well talk things over in peace, and that unfortunately the money wouldn’t be here anymore, since Franky had already taken it away. No matter how much damage they did, they still wouldn’t get the money back, which is why he gets a good punch in the face from Luffy. The Straw Hats are not only concerned with the money, but also what happened to Usopp. Therefore, they will destroy the house. They try to defeat the four of them with one last attack where they just shoot at the Straw Hats with everything they have. But they have no chance and that, although their opponents are only four. A short time later, the entire house is destroyed.

While Chopper tends to Usopp’s wounds, Zoro and Sanji consider going after Franky. However, they decide against it since they don’t know where he was going. Meanwhile, Luffy has decided what to do with the Going Merry now. They have to say goodbye to their ship.


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