One Piece Chapter 329


Gedatsu’s Accidental Blue Sea Life, Part 14: Won!
Gedatsu stands in the foreground, stretching his arms in victory. In the background, Goro stands on top of the knocked out overlord.


Nami finds that Usopp has very severe injuries, so she wants to get Chopper to treat the wounds. In the meantime, Usopp is supposed to wait.

Meanwhile, on the The Going Merry, Zoro, Sanji and Chopper are talking about their ship. They can’t believe that the ship is beyond repair. Even though the ship looks fine on the outside, the trip on the Grand Line has damaged it badly. The three are still talking briefly when suddenly Nami appears. Sanji is puzzled as to why she has come alone.

In a corner of Water 7 on the northeast beach is the Franky House. There, the Frankys celebrate stealing 200 million berries. With all the money they now have, they can finally buy what they always wanted. But the joy doesn’t last long, as suddenly the door bursts open. Standing in the doorway is Usopp, who wants his money back. The masked Franky asks if Usopp is one of the Straw Hats, to which another member of the Franky Family replies in the affirmative. Further, someone remarks that Usopp is a pushover.

Usopp attacks Franky, but is too slow and is knocked out by the suitcase with the money. He desperately wants the money back, as the Straw Hats need it for something very important, but Franky says he can’t give it back to him. After another kick, Franky leaves with the Mozu and Kiwi and tells his boys they can play with their visitor for a bit. Usopp wants the money badly, but the Frankys won’t let him through.

Meanwhile, Sanji, Zoro and Chopper have arrived at the place where Nami found Usopp. But the long-nose has disappeared. A short time later, Luffy also arrives. The Straw Hat Captain tried to fly, as did the ship’s carpenter, but ended up in the water. After Sanji pulls Luffy out of the water, the four go to Franky House, where they encounter an unconscious and very badly battered Usopp. When the four Straw Hat Pirates see what happened to their friend, they vow revenge and march straight for the Franky Family house.

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