One Piece Chapter 328


Gedatsu’s Accidental Blue Sea Life, Part 13 – Sky Squeezer vs. Upper Squeezer.
The Upper Suppressor is seen to feel a Jet Punch from Gedatsu.


Sanji and Chopper ride a Yagara Bull together through the city in search of Robin. Sanji thinks it’s idiotic that he thought Chopper was the masked man. He also worries about what Aokiji said to them. Chopper, not knowing what Sanji is talking about, is told by the latter that the Straw Hats would quickly regret adding Robin to their crew.

Meanwhile, Luffy and Nami have to face the fact that their ship is beyond repair, and that’s despite standing here with the best shipwrights in the world and having enough money with them. Kaku thinks it’s pretty amazing that the ship made it this far in the first place. Further, Paulie tells them that the ship can’t be repaired because the ship’s keel is broken. Therefore, Luffy wants the ship’s carpenters to rebuild the ship from scratch. However, Lucci and Hattori explain to them that it is only possible for them to rebuild the ship, but there can never be two identical ships. Even if they had the blueprints and the same wood, the ship would still not be the same.

With their money, Iceburg tells them, they could buy a new ship better suited for the waters ahead. However, Luffy doesn’t want another ship, as the Going Merry has always gotten them to their destination. However, Iceburg makes it clear to him that they could sink the very next time and he wouldn’t be a real captain then. Luffy is told to think about what he said and come back when he’s made up his mind. With the 300 million berry they have, the Galley-La could build them an excellent ship. Afterwards, Kalifa gives them a ship catalogue.

After the two Straw Hats leave, Peepley Lulu, master smith of the Galley-La, approaches Iceburg and informs him that representatives of the world government want to see him again. But Iceburg doesn’t want to see them, so Peepley Lulu is supposed to tell them that Iceburg isn’t there and that they should come back another time. But at that moment, three agents of the World Government run right at Iceburg, so Paulie advises Nami and Luffy to hide. They knew full well that Iceburg was there and didn’t want to get turned away again. Among the agents is Corgi.

While the three of them talk to Iceburg, Luffy and Nami stand behind a pile of wood and hide. While doing so, Luffy notices that two of the three suitcases are very light. To their horror, they are empty. The shouting has prompted Paulie to take a look. He too is horrified that the suitcases are empty. Meanwhile, Peepley Lulu asks Kaku what he had to do with the Frankys, since he saw them together today, which Kaku denies. However, Luffy and Nami immediately understand that the one with the long nose must have been Usopp, not Kaku. The blacksmith master thinks that the Frankys might have captured Usopp, which is why Luffy immediately runs off, even though he doesn’t even know where to go. Nami gets an explanation of where the Franky House is, and then goes after Luffy with a Yagara Bull. While doing so, she sees Usopp in town. He’s been beaten up and is lying on the ground bleeding. He feels guilty since the money was stolen from him.

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