One Piece Chapter 326


Gedatsu’s Accidental Blue Sea Life, Part 12: Accidentally Awakened the Legendary Overlord
Gedatsu and Goro are in the foreground. Posing in the background is the Head Oppressor, who seems to be in a bad mood.


Water 7, shopping district: Sanji rides a Yagara Bull through the canals and marvels at the city of water. He buys some water kale at a stall. He carries the purchases in bags and continues walking through the city, but gets lost once in a while. He suddenly sees Robin accompanied by a masked man and runs to her. But when he turns a corner, the two have suddenly disappeared.

Water 7: The carpenter Kaku continues to jump over the rooftops of the city on his way to the The Going Merry, which he is to inspect. He reaches the ship and enters the deck where Zoro is sleeping, but is awakened by Kaku. With his sword drawn, he asks the carpenter who he is.

Water 7, Dock #1: Nami, Usopp and Luffy are enlightened by the mayor of Water 7’s iceberg that the carpenters have superhuman abilities to quickly build sturdy and good ships. His secretary Kalifa reads from a paper the details of the Straw Hat Pirates, which consists of the wanted-by-statute Straw Hat Luffy, pirate hunters Zoro and Nico Robin, and four other crew members. The gang was formed in East Blue. Iceburg officially introduces himself to them, as well as a mouse he recently found, Tyrannosaurus. Kalifa has already provided food and a cage for the mouse and explains the rest of the day’s schedule to her boss. In ten minutes he has a meeting with the board of directors at the hotel. After that he gives a speech at the Piazza di Liguria, afterwards he has lunch with the mayor of Pucci, while he has to give interviews at the same time. He then returns to the company to study files. Iceburg causes all appointments to be canceled.

Luffy mentions Iceburg’s stubbornness to Grandma Kokoro for pointing it out. Kalifa angrily kicks at the three straw hats for daring to denigrate the best naval architect in the world. Iceburg looks at Kokoro’s letter of recommendation and immediately tears it up, finding the kissing mouth on the letter disgusting. He offers to show them the shipyard until Kaku returns from inspecting the ship. Usopp and Luffy were careless, allowing the Franky Family to steal two suitcases. Riding on two Yagara Bulls, they escape with the money. The handyman Paulie is being chased by money collectors and he sees the Yagaras with the Franky Family as he runs across a bridge. He jumps down and throws the Franky Family members off the Bulls with Rope Action: Round Turn. Escaping the bill collectors, Paulie makes his way to Dock #1, where a happy Usopp greets him and thanks him for retrieving the money. Paulie is master of Dock No. 1’s ship’s rigging and mast building, and when he sees the money in the Bulls, he turns around and drives away with the money.

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